Your Cheat Sheet To The 85th Academy Awards

It may not be the Super Bowl, DC’s Super Bowl (Election Night or State of the Union), or even Nerd Prom but this weekend will be a big weekend for Hollywood and I’m sure a lot of you will be tuning into Sunday’s Academy Awards. Washington old and new is well represented within this year’s nominees: ArgoLincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty make up the leading contenders for Best Picture.

I’ve prepared myself by watching as many Oscar nominated films as I could and after devouring 50 out of the 53 nominated films I’m ready to tell you who to pick in your Oscar pool as well as where to watch in DC if you want to get dressed up (or not).

Why You Should Watch

After the ho-hum performance of the Anne Hathaway/James Franco duo two years ago, the Academy unlocked Billy Crystal from his Cryogenic chamber in a last-minute effort after Eddie Murphy pulled out of the gig last year. This year Seth MacFarlane, better known as the man behind Family Guy and Ted will take the helm and from the looks of the promos– it will be an interesting show to watch.

The past year of film was a pretty good one and there are lots of great films and performances in the running for the top prize. Unlike past years, it has been very hard to predict who will take home the gold so you can expect some surprises and upsets.

Also Tommy Lee Jones is nominated this year so you can see the return of Grumpy Cat Jones.

Where To Watch

The Academy Awards will air on ABC this Sunday at 8:30 PM, but ABC along with almost every other network will have Red Carpet coverage airing much earlier so you can start picking apart that terrible/awesome dress that actress/actor wore.

Most of us will watch from our Living Room couches, but if you are looking to go out and make a night of it here are some options.

A Formal Affair: Art Soire will be holding a viewing party at The Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown that is “strictly black tie”. Sounds classy however it’s also strictly cash bar with some liquor tastings and champagne for VIP ticket holders.

A Very Casual Affair: Washington, DC will be one of a few cities around the country that will be hosting official “Oscar Experiences” Sunday night. Instead of a Black Tie affair, DC’s “Snuggle with the Stars” event will be the fanciest Pajama Party you’ve ever been to. Benefiting DC Shorts, a ticket includes open bar and buffet as well as swag and a SNUGGIE.

So I get to drink all I want while wearing a Snuggie? What else could make this the best ticket in town? Oh ya my favorite radio producer will be there too. If I’m going out this will be one of my top choice.

A Divey Affair: The DC Film society will throw their annual Oscar watching party at the Arlington Drafthouse. Their party boasts film experts on hand to offer their take, a silent auction, and movie trivia.

Other options:  Commissary, Helix, and Town are hosting Oscar festivities as well.

Who To Vote For

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)

Leading Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

Leading Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln)

Best Picture: Argo

Animated Feature: Wreck-It Ralph

Production Design: Life of Pi

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Costume Design: Anna Karenina

Directing: Life of Pi

Documentary Feature: Searching for Sugar Man

Documentary Short: Inocente

Film Editing: Argo

Foreign Language Film: Amour

Make-up: Les Miserables

Original Score: Life of Pi

Original Song: Skyfall

Animated Short Film: Paperman

Live Action Short Film: Curfew

Sound Editing: Argo

Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Adapted Screenplay: Argo

Original Screenplay: Amour

(Disclosure: I work at a marketing firm who has the great fortune of doing work on many of these films)

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  1. Argo is only getting awards because Hollywood is in love with itself and movies made about movies (or even fake ones in this case.) Such lackluster choices are very unbecoming of such a tremendous year for cinema. Where are the nominations for movies like The Grey, Jesus Henry Christ and Killing them Softly? Read about the Top 10 Movies of 2012 with reviews and other honorable mentions at