Reasons why the umpires were late last night

The umpires did not give comment as to why they were 20 minutes late for the Nationals game last night, so we made up a few potential reasons:

1. Home plate umpire Chris Guccione was so caught up in the beauty of the cherry blossoms that he spent twenty minutes sitting at the MLK memorial rocking back and forth while crying.

2. Third base umpire Phil Cuzzi wanted to try out a U Street Taco.

3. Look anybody can miss one turn on the Southeast/Southwest Freeway and end up in the HOV lanes all the way past Springfield. It can happen to anyone. Swearsies. Don’t forget your Garmin next time, guys.

4. First Base umpire Tom Hallion was busy having it out with some Half Street bros over the legacy of Margaret Thatcher at the Fairgrounds and lost track of time.

5. Dan Snyder. It’s always Dan Snyder’s fault. Remember that.

Tip of the cap to Dave Levy for the assist.

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One thought on “Reasons why the umpires were late last night

  1. Disabled vehicle on 270 at the spur.
    Multi-vehicle crash on 395.
    Tourists on the Metro didn’t stand on the right.
    Train out of service due to sick passenger.
    Train out of service due to mechanical problem.
    Nextbus lied.