Open Today: DC Healthlink


While the Federal Government is currently shuttered over the two-year-old Affordable Care Act (known by its pejorative, Obamacare), the new DC Healthlink insurance exchange is now open and accepting applications for insurance beginning on January 1st. Individuals and Families living or working in the District of Columbia are eligible to apply. To know what rate you might be paying under the DC Healthlink exchange, you can use their calculator to estimate costs, or browse through plans from 30 different insurance providers in the exchange.

The plans are separate into four categories: bronze, silver, gold and platinum, running from lowest cost to highest cost, and each level carries a different structure of benefits. In addition, the program offers help finding advice concerning which plan will be best for you, through their find-an-expert option.

Plans vary in cost by benefit-level, insurer, and deductible, but if you either don’t have insurance at all (and you’ll need to, under the new law, have some come January), or your insurance is expensive through work, it might behoove you to go look at the rates that are on offer. From my own personal experience, my insurance cost was quoted at approximately half what we’re currently paying for me to be on my wife’s plan at work, for service that is roughly equivalent to what we’re getting from the exact same insurer.

Might as well go look at what’s out there, it could save you a bundle.

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