We Love Weekends: Nov 8-10

If you can make it through the rain we’ve been promised a sunny weekend. We’re not going to waste it if we have a choice, though some of us don’t. Sorry Brian!

Mosley: Sadly, I’m working all weekend. But if I had the time to myself, I’d be going to as many of the Fotoweek DC events as I could; after Sunday most are over. Also photo related, I would want to get out and get as many photos of the Fall foliage as I could. It seem particularly good this year. If you’re interested in doing the same, my photography group is meeting up on TR Island on Saturday; all are welcome and it should be fun times and a great nature walk!

Jenn: Art exhibits at the friendly gallery curated by Amy Morton are always something to look forward to, and that makes this Friday a double pleasure with the opening party of Laurel Hausler’s new exhibit, Ghost Stories, from 6-8pm. Hausler’s multi-layered work is haunting, disturbing, and simply beautiful. Her current exhibit is inspired by Old Hollywood mysteries, spirit photography, and ghost stories, so it’s perfect for the season. Please stop by Morton Fine Art to see for yourself. As MFA has the added benefit of being next door to Locolat, get some Belgian beer and savory waffles too. Afterwards I’m heading to a Scorpio’s birthday party, which might just be one of the most dangerous outings you can join. Send bail money. If I survive, Saturday I’ll search for the perfect boudoir chair at the District Flea (I need something to faint on), no doubt indulge my latest sandwich obsession, the Istanbul, at SUNdeVICH, and finally, help save the Chesapeake Bay by downing oyster backs (oyster shooters as pickle backs, how awesome is that) at Eat the Rich – $1 from every oyster shooter sold goes to the Oyster Recovery Partnership! Sunday I’ll repent at Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness with a Mindful Epicurean Brunch from 2-4pm, featuring a healthy cooking demonstration and wholesome brunch. Sigh.

Tiffany: I’m finishing up a week of single-parenting a newborn, so my plans are not too ambitious. Friday may involve taking the Bridgelet for a walk to Rhode Island Avenue to the newly-opened Zeke’s Coffee, or perhaps Carl’s Subs for lunch if we leave the house late (spoiler alert: it is likely we’ll leave the house late). On Saturday, before the kid and I head out to pick up Tom from the airport, I’ll strap him into his stroller for an open house at the future home of Steel Plate, a new place from the owner of Rustik in Bloomingdale. I’m very excited about all the new places coming to Brookland/Woodridge; he’ll probably sleep through the whole thing. As long as we’re out, we may head over to the Brookland Arts Walk and visit the studios there; I’ve owed the proprietors of Analog a visit for a while now. Sunday is my birthday; the Bridgelet will be cared for by his doting grandparents while Tom and I sneak out to see a movie. I’d like to tell you we’ll be seeing a work of Important Cinema like Twelve Years a Slave. But the truth is, we’re sleep-deprived and my taste in movies generally runs to superheroes, spaceships, and elves. So Thor: The Dark World, most likely.

Rachel: Still trying to plot out my weekend at this point. I know for a fact that portions of it will be dedicated to spending time at my friend’s “State School” party, which sounds exactly what it’s meant to sound like. I urge you to use your imagination in this case but I will most certainly be sporting my Illini Chief long sleeve t-shirt (no, I didn’t go there but my sister does). There will also be a possible stop off at Clyde’s in Chevy Chase because the Race Car bar is one of my happy places. In between all of that, I’ll be prepping for my final full-set show of the year which will be at Ebenezers Coffee house on Thursday, November 14 along with Brittany Jean, Jamie Kathleen, and Suzie Brown. Tickets are available online or at the door for $10.

Rebecca: Friday can’t come soon enough. The time change and darkness are KILLING me. Friday I’ll be at the final DC show of the season for Super Art Fight at the Black Cat. For those of you unfamiliar with Super Art Fight it’s a unique form of entertainment, mixing live art, the over the top characters and costumes of pro-wrestling, and improvised commentary, making for an event which is truly unlike anything else going today. Definitely worth checking out. Did I mention they’re based in Baltimore? Saturday footie season is still in action so I’m hitting the pitch to get in my recommended daily dose of vitamin D, after which I’m off to shoot some Wobble Traps at Bull Run Recreation Center before it gets too cold out. Sunday I’ll head out to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, part of the National Park System, for a jaunt in nature and to spy on some wildlife including beavers and wrens, and enjoy the fall foliage.

Fedward:  Tonight I’m kicking the weekend off in style, at the DC Streetcar North-South Study Meeting. Running down Georgia Avenue not two blocks from my house, the planned streetcar line will alter both my commute and my property values (both for the better, I hope).  Considering Tuesday’s announcement of a developer for Walter Reed, the planning for the North-South line couldn’t possibly be more timely or relevant. Friday we’ll take advantage of our credit card company’s First Friday bonus at Petworth Citizen (where, oddly enough, we spent the last First Friday). Saturday we’re using our new Enterprise Car Share membership to visit some friends for lunch along the Potomac, followed maybe by some quality leaf peeping if we finish with enough time left on our reservation for a trip around the Tidal Basin. Sunday we’ll take the Niecelets to Arts on the Horizon’s production of The Young Spectaculars and the Front Yard Adventure before we head to check out Fall Fringe. Well then finish off the weekend with our usual Passenger brunch.

Esther: It all started when I saw a man walking to the bus stop last week wearing German lederhosen. Granted, it was the Saturday after Halloween, so I’m thinking he was on his way to a costume party. Still, I saw him and immediately was craving wienerschnitzel, a cold HB brew, and the plump embrace of a frau named Irmtraud. So this weekend, I’m “reisen in Deutschland” DC style! I’m donning my dirndl and a lovely pair of birkenstocks and starting my weekend early by attending a lecture about the freedom of the Russian serfs at the German Historical Institute on New Hampshire Ave NW in DC. An internationally-recognized center for advanced study between American and European scholars, the GHI organizes public programs and lectures throughout the year which are free to the public (www.ghi-dc.org). Friday night, I’m going to saturate my hunger and thirst by essen und trinken at one of my favorite restaurants in DC, Old Europe. Having sampled everything from their beef sauerbraten and hahnchenbrust chicken to their myriad of schnitzels and loved it all, I think I just might order everything on the menu to satisfy my craving for owner Karl Herold’s authentic German cuisine. Saturday will find me at the International Spy Museum for their seventh annual parade of trabants. These cold-war era vintage cars will be parked in front of the museum while a German band (crossing my fingers they’ll be playing polka music!) will play and experts will be on hand to talk about the cold war and communism. After I try my hand Berlin-style at grafitti at the museum’s checkpoint Charlie, I’m going to head over to ChurchKey, where they have 12 rare German kellerbiers on tap from noon to 2 pm. After an exhausting afternoon of true German fun, I think I may have to spend my evening at home, with a German chocolate cake from Arlington’s Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe and a viewing of The Sound of Music, which I know is set in Austria, but is still one of the best movies ever made, so don’t mock it. All while wearing my lederhosen of course.

Paul: Very unusual for me I have two, count ’em two days off this week! In a row no less! So I’m getting the party started early this weekend with a pairing of two of my favorite things, Van Gogh and booze, tonight at Seeing Double at the Philips Collection. If only my twin sister was in town, we could take get free admission. Then it’s off to Vinoteca for the release of Copper Fox’s new, rather salacious, “Vir” gin for a tasting and cocktails. Both my roommates are involved in the GGSS production of Cabaret so I’ll have to put in an appearance. I might bump into Rebecca at Super Art Fight at the Black Cat or I might try to complete one of DC Cocktail Week’s trails, or as I like to call it “a typical friday.” Saturday means the Czech Christmas Market at the Czech Embassy where I plan to drink hot mulled something and eat holiday cookies and chocolates. I know it’s early to get in the spirit of the season but the holidays are my favorite time of year. Then I’ll cap my weekend with a relaxing brunch and stroll to Eastern Market to stock my kitchen before I head to Wisdom for Vinyl + Vino on Sunday.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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