Week in Review: 11/18-11/21

The season is almost upon us. Which season? The season of eating. Starting next week it’ll be a non-stop food binge until January and I am very excited. I used to think stuffing was some fancy dish that I was only allowed to eat once a year and then I became an adult. The realization that I could eat stuffing every day if I wanted to just blew my mind. (It’s the simple things in life…) Anyway, here is your Week in Review currently devoid of photos of tasty food but full of other goodies for your viewing pleasure.

By the way, if you do snap some shots of your Turkey Day meals go ahead and post them to the Flickr group if for no other reason than because it’s what the internets would want.

Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, Kerrin is a product of Montgomery County public schools and the University of Maryland. A photographer, treehugger, and perpetual retail employee with a swearing problem she’s always up for a good dirty joke or two. When not re-treeing DC with Casey Trees, or honing her passive-aggressive Maryland driving skills on the Beltway, she can be found watching puppy videos on YouTube.


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