Two Tickets to Marketplace, Pack Your Bags and Leave Tonight

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If I had to pick one public radio program that I could not live without, it actually wouldn’t be any of the ones produced by NPR at all. It would be American Public Media’s Marketplace hosted by Kai Ryssdal, which airs on WAMU at 6:00pm on weeknights. Full of witty and smart banter about the financial world, this is one program that makes you a helluva lot smarter at the end of the day.

Marketplace has taken their show on the road, and they’re doing an episode of Marketplace live at Strathmore tomorrow night, and we’ve got two tickets to give away. Enter below using your name and email and leave a comment, and we’ll close the contest tomorrow at 12pm, and notify the winner immediately. If you’d rather, though, we’ve also got access to a few half-price tickets as well, so click through if you are looking for a deal.

This show promises to be a real fun one and will feature Kai Ryssdal, weekend host Lizzie O’Leary, and regular reporters Rob Schmitz, Adriene Hill, Stacey Vanek Smith and Paddy Hirsch, and there will be a live interview with Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff, and Congressional Budget Director Douglas Elmendorf.

Marketplace Live
Thursday, April 24th at 7pm
Strathmore Center
Bethesda, MD

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16 thoughts on “Two Tickets to Marketplace, Pack Your Bags and Leave Tonight

  1. My wife has a crush on Kai, but maybe she’d crush on me if I had tickets to the show?

  2. That’s in my neighborhood (and we’re both big Marketplace fans)! Here’s hoping…

  3. Huge fan of the show, love love love Marketplace! It would be awesome to win tickets to see it live!

  4. When people ask what my “must- see TV” show is, I politely correct them that my “must-listen to” program is APM’s Marketplace! Thank you so much for giving away these tickets! I would love to go see Kai :)

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