We Love Music: June 2014 Concert Round Up

The start of June finds the music reporters of We Love DC in far-flung quarters at the moment, as Rebecca is away at Governors Island catching up on all of the latest bands and Rachel is off actually creating new music somewhere! That leaves yours truly to present a brief concert round up for you this month.

La Roux
9:30 Club
Sunday, June 8

La Roux, aka Elly Jackson, is an act that could have been perfectly designed to appeal to me. Spunky female lead! New Romantic synths! Catchy and meaningful lyrics! Visual flair! Terrific debut album! Well, it took Ms. Jackson three attempts to finally perform at the 9:30 Club in support of the first album, so here’s to better luck seeing her this time around in support of the second La Roux album, Trouble in Paradise. Sadly, the brilliant Ben Langmaid is gone from the second record, but initial reports suggest that it too is wholly amazing.–Mickey

Kaiser Chiefs
9:30 Club
Wednesday, June 18

Next to perhaps The Sounds, the Kaiser Chiefs are my favorite band to gain a following in the 21st Century. They recently dropped their fifth album, Education, Education, Education and War. While I was a bit worried about how the Kaiser Chiefs might solider on without their original drummer, Nick Hodgson (also a primary songwriter), I needn’t have worried. Education3 and War is the best Kaiser Chiefs album since their debut record, and in time I might even prefer it! The Kaiser Chiefs put on the best show of the year the last time they were at the 9:30 Club, so I’m doubly looking forward to seeing them again this time around.–Mickey

Craft Spells
Rock and Roll Hotel
Saturday, June 14

Craft Spells (born Justin Vallesteros) returns with a new album, Nausea, to be released on June 10. He performs days after on June 14 at the Rock and Roll Hotel as the opener for Crystal Stilts on the tour in support of the album. Tracks like “Breaking the Angle Against the Tide” showcase the refined sound of Craft Spells, honed through the influence of artists such as Emmit Rhodes and the solo works of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haroumi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi (as well as the writing of Mishima and others).–Mickey

John Doe Band
Gypsy Sally’s
Wednesday, June 25

Exene Cervenka may have gone off the deep end lately, but that only reinforces something we already knew: John Doe is the coolest member of X. Doe is coming around with his own John Doe Band this month to perform at Gypsy Sally’s. I’m eager to go, particularly as the new Americana-focused club in Georgetown is very close to home for me, and I still haven’t seen a show there (although I have stopped by for an occasional beer). As I said after seeing X at the 9:30 Club on Sept. 9, 2013: “Doe in particular was a delight to watch as he flung himself into playing his guitar wild and carefree, throwing it behind his head while continuing to strike its strings at one point toward the end of their performance. He was a consummate showman, and a real presence on the stage.” Doe’s solo stuff should be just as captivating.–Mickey

Throwing Muses with Tanya Donnelly
9:30 Club
Friday, June 27

Those who know me will attest that I’m not the biggest fan of the bulk of music to emerge in the 1990s. One of the many exceptions that rule was my discovery in college of Tanya Donnelly and her then-band Belly. What great stuff! Separately, I discovered Kristen Hersh and then afterward realized they had been in Throwing Muses together. It was like a supergroup in reverse! And everything old is new again as the reformed Throwing Muses and Ms. Donnelly return in support of the first Throwing Muses album in 10 years?2013’s Purgatory/Paradise. This promises to be a good show.–Mickey

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One thought on “We Love Music: June 2014 Concert Round Up

  1. Do you have any idea of who is in the John Doe band these days? Just curious – I’m probably not going to be willing to pay 20 bucks in any case. I’ll wait for X to come back to the 9:30, preferably in their usual headliner status.