We Love Music: Fort Reno Summer Schedule

As others have by now reported, the organizers of the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series have resolved their differences with the National Park Service. And they now have posted a schedule that begins Monday, July 7 and runs through Thursday, July 31.

Straight from FortReno.com, here is the lineup:

Monday, July 7 2014

Thursday, July 10 2014
Peanut Butter & Dave
Golden Looks
Calvera Skull

Monday, July 14 2014
Baby Bry Bry
Tiger Horse

Thursday, July 17 2014
Puff Pieces

Monday, July 21 2014
Alarms & Controls
Talk It

Thursday, July 24 2014
Title Tracks
The Effects
Myrrh Myrrh

Monday, July 28 2014
Black Sparks
The Raised by Wolves

Thursday, July 31 2014
Protect U

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One thought on “We Love Music: Fort Reno Summer Schedule

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