Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 2/7-2/9

While looking through the Flickr group this morning for all the wonderful photos taken this past weekend I found myself stopping on a few that were taken many months ago when the weather was warm and people wore these crazy things called shorts. I know when DC is caught in the hot, sticky grip of a heatwave that I’ll be wishing for the biting cold and glittering snow of winter but right now I’d much prefer a cold beer and bleacher seats at a Nats game on a warm summer evening. A girl can dream, right? Sigh. Anyway enough moping, we’ve got some photos to look at! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 1/31-2/2

I’ll speak quietly for everyone still dealing with the effects of the game last night. Whether you were cheering for Seattle, crying over Denver, or laughing at the commercials, we can all agree the more important events, start of Major League Baseball Spring Training and Opening Day, are just two weeks and two months away! I, personally, can’t wait.

Our awesome photographers got out to see the big thaw this weekend. It would seem the Potomac was full of cracks and there is still wildlife, and humans, in the city. So much the better when we get to actual spring and not the relative feeling thing we had this weekend. Put up your feet and check out the great work; you don’t even need a hot drink this time! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 1/24-1/26

With the super cold temps outside the inclination is to hunker down indoors and wait for it to all go away. The hearty transplants from points north and west of DC think this is ridiculous and instead spent the weekend basking in the glory of a “real winter.” We locals know all too well how fickle mother nature can be and would recommend enjoying the cold, snowy goodness while it lasts because it’ll be gone before you know it.

P.S. While a lot of freezing has occurred over that past few weeks it’s good to keep in mind that even though the ice looks solid that doesn’t always mean it is. Please be careful out there! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback 1/10-1/12

Let’s be honest, the weather this weekend was pretty crappy but that didn’t stop anyone from getting out there and snapping some photos. And luckily the temps rose enough to make the annual No Pants Metro ride slightly more bearable. At least to the people who roamed around sans trousers. Sunday was also the debut of our newest little snugglebear Bao Bao at the National Zoo. Word on the street is she’s pretty chill so expect to see a lot more photos of her cute pudge in the future. Finally, don’t forget to check ExposedDC on Wednesday to find out who won their annual photo contest. The work is sure to knock your socks off and some of our contributors could very well be in the mix!  Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 1/03-1/05

First Weekend Flashback of the new year! And what an interesting weekend it’s been. Snow/ice, then freezing cold, then kinda warm only to plunge back into freezing cold; come on Mother Nature, make up your mind. I know from Friday, standing on Metro platforms in these temps can get painful, so stay warm and try not to go outside unless you have to.

Despite the tough weather (or maybe because of it), our intrepid photo contributors got out and about this weekend. They certainly have provided some excellent sights to see; particularly wolfkann’s photo above, which has a brief but sad story with it. Get yourself a hot beverage and spend some time looking through the photos; it’ll be time well spent. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 12/20-12/22

We are officially into Winter, even if you couldn’t tell from temps outside this weekend. Still, the oddities of the weather gave our photogs a great reason to be out and about over the last three days. So, sit back, pour yourself a slightly unhealthy amount of “adult” “eggnog,” and enjoy the hard work of our photo contributors. And I hope you have a great holiday week; whether you’re going to have a wonderful Christmas celebration or just get some days off from work, I know you’ve earned it. So, enjoy! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 12/13-12/15

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Did you do something fun and exciting? Hopefully it wasn’t spent hacking up a lung, fighting a horrible headache caused by sinus pressure, and dealing with a general sense of malaise and ickiness. That, incidentally, is how I spent mine all while trying to order all of my Christmas presents online. I may have entered the incorrect billing and shipping info on more than one occasion. I blame drugs. Luckily the more able-bodied among us were out photographing the goings-on in our fair city so that the rest of us house-bound invalids won’t feel like we missed out. Thanks photogs.

And now, the Weekend Flashback. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 12/06-12/08

Everyone here at WLDC hopes that you got out of your home and navigated safely to where ever it is you were headed this morning. As well, hopefully there was a hot beverage waiting for you there. You’ll need it; several, in fact. Most people around here love the snow, but the aftermath is always headache. Take it slow and safe; remember, the area is still predominately Southerners. Especially when it comes to winter weather…so says the local.

Sadly our photo spread isn’t going to warm you up but it will amaze. Our contributors braved the snow and sleet to get some excellent shots from the area. So grab that hot drink, put your feet up, and enjoy the views. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 11/22-11/24

It’s really nice that we decided to completely forgo all that nonsense with “the Holidays” and just go right into the depths of late January and February. Not only do we save money because we won’t have to buy presents, but we also avoid all those extra calories we pack on with the holiday feasts…wait…wait…yes, I’m being told we did NOT travel forward in time, it’s just really, really freakin’ cold outside. I think I can be excused for making this mistake, as I have frostbite from sleeping in only three layers of clothes. Oh yeah, and flurries! In November!

Despite the cold weather all weekend, our intrepid photo contributors got out and about. I’d recommend a hot cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate (not because of the pictures but because it’s a generally good idea; did you not read what I wrote in the paragraph before?) and then kick your feet up to enjoy some stunning images. Enjoy! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 11/15-11/17

T-minus 10 days until turkey. I won’t ask if you are ready because it never sounds like anyone is ready for Thanksgiving. Just make do with what you can with this week: the last full, useful work week for about a month and a half. Next week is the partial week where nothing gets done. After that starts December, the lead up to Christmas and such, and Christmas shopping, all where nothing gets done. It’s really not until some time in January where things get back to normal. So, enjoy (and I don’t really mean enjoy) this week.

Our loyal photogs were out in force this weekend and captured the sights of the season. Put your feet up and prepare yourself for the week with a trip back in time. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 11/08-11/10

Whether you’re reading this from the comfort of home on your Veteran’s Day holiday, or while slaving away in the office at your job, I hope you had a great weekend. I know our photo contributors did because we got some amazing photos. Some are of the fall colors peaking, some of Washingtonians going about their routines, and some are of the oddities that make this area so great. Please take a few minutes to check them out; it’s always a great start to the week. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 11/01-11/03

With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer it’s the perfect time of year to try some long exposure photography. If you’ve never done it before a little Google sleuthing will provide a lot of information. Essential (but not required) tools include a tripod and a shutter release cable or remote. Don’t have either? Try a park bench or brick wall or some other sturdy surface in lieu of a tripod. Find the timer setting on your camera and set it for 2 or 10 seconds (or whatever it offers) if you don’t have a shutter release. Does your camera have the ability to lock the mirror to reduce in camera shake? Grab the owner’s manual and find out! Play around with shutter speeds, apertures, and even ISO to see what kind of images you can create. Then post them to our Flickr group so we can be blown away by your creative genius.

Our Weekend Flashback is full of all sorts of great photos this week, not just long exposure shots. Let’s wander through the memories together, shall we? Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 10/25-10/27

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year: the week of Halloween! When the sun is noticeably setting early; when the wind takes on a spooky feel; and when I give myself multiple cavities because I MUST HAVE ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!! Or the Almond Joys…or the Kit-Kats…or the…you get the idea: I must have the GOOD candy. While I am now too old to go trick-or-treating, the trade off is I am now old enough to buy my own candy and not share with the neighborhood kids. I’m sure many of our loyal readers would agree with, and follow, this notion.

There was certainly a ghostly vibe in our Flickr pool, which I think means more scary things in store for the week to come. So enjoy this Flashback and be sure to get all your ghoulish pics in for the end of the week’s Review. Enjoy the photos…if you dare! Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 10/18-10/20

We know, it’s Monday. We know there are a million things you’d rather be doing today than sitting at work. Like sleeping. Or napping. Or snoozing. But since you can’t be doing those things you can sit back, look at some photos, and reminisce about the weekend. It was a good weekend wasn’t it? All that sleeping. And lounging. And the doing of nothing. Don’t worry, only 5 more days until the next one.

Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 10/11-10/13

Normally on this day to celebrate Columbus sailing the ocean blue, and to a larger extent Italian Americans as a whole (and let’s not forget our national neighbors to the north, who have Thanksgiving today), I’d be telling you Federal employees to enjoy sleeping in. Of course, you’ve had nearly two weeks of that and it’s gotten really old, I’m sure. So just try to have a decent Monday and be sure to have pasta tonight, and why not watch a mob movie, in celebration of all things Italian American.

As a quick side note: you could also read an interesting take on Columbus Day by the Oatmeal. While I don’t endorse the idea of replacing the celebration of one historically dubious person with that of another, it is an interesting read and most people don’t know much of the history of Columbus’ first two voyages to the New World. Just read it with a good helping of salt.

I do seem to ramble. Anyways, enjoy this rainy Flashback; it does have a general wet theme to it. But excellent photos from our contributors, as always. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 10/4-10/6

The continuing government shutdown didn’t stop some of our amazing photographic contributors from visiting DC’s major tourist sites but the gates, barriers, and armed guards meant they, and the other visitors, couldn’t get as close as they usually do. Although in the case of the road closures on the Mall that just meant that cyclists had free reign over the lovely leaf-covered streets. It turned out okay in the end (at least as far as the Weekend Flashback goes) as there were plenty of other interesting sights to see and things to do in our fair city this weekend.

As always if you’d like to see your name in lights, or at least your photos on our site, then please take the time to add them to our pool. It’ll be worth the effort I promise! I’ll even pay you. In compliments. I know, you were hoping for cash but who doesn’t like compliments? Sure they won’t pay the rent but you’ll feel good on the inside. Continue reading

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 9/27-9/29

Mondays can just make you feel like the picture above. Mondays the day before the national government shuts down with you living in the seat of that national government makes you something something. Simpsons references aside, this is already shaping up to be an annoying week, so the official We Love DC advice to weathering an unnecessary government shutdown is 1) keep cool, 2) stay away from the news websites, and 3) plenty of adult beverages.

Oh, and be sure to read We Love DC! You can start with this most excellent Flashback. Just sit back and enjoy each photo; you’ve probably got nothing better to do anyways. Continue reading