Week in Review

Week in Review: 10/7-10/10

So let’s see, the government is still shut down, the weather is crappy, traffic is a nightmare (as usual), and there’s allegedly a long line of very upset truckers on the way to add more fun and excitement to our daily commutes. I think it’s time to put this week to bed. But before we do we should take a look back at some of the good stuff our photographical contributors managed to find. And remember, we just need to get through today and then it’s a glorious, if a little rain-filled, weekend. We can do this, people. We can do this.

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Week in Review

Week In Review: 9/30-10/3

It’s the week we all would prefer to forget. Here’s hoping the squabbling children will get their act together over the weekend and we can get things back to normal. You’ll notice that I’m trying to not use certain words that have been said WAY too much this week. With that in mind, I hope you treat this article like a little oasis from the maddening city and events around us.

Oh, and we have some great photos! Our contributors seem to have gone out of their way to find some great sights this week. And only a few cover the big story of the week, so you should be good there too. Enjoy! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 9/23-9/26

The work week may be over but that doesn’t mean you get to sit back and do nothing. A weekend full of events means we fully expect you all to go out, take photos, and submit them to us so we can post them for the world to enjoy. I mean, we enjoy the occasional self portrait of you lounging around in your pajamas, watching tv, and eating microwaved taquitos, but we’re more particular to amazing photos from around the city. I’m sure you understand; this is “We Love DC” not “We Love sitting around eating taquitos.” Though that would make for an awesome blog…mmmmmmm, taquitos.

Anyways, without further ado here’s your Week in Review.

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Week in Review

Week In Review: 9/16-9/19

Tough week, to be sure. Rather than relive it, and focus on the negative, let’s focus on the great things about this city. For instance: did you know last night’s full moon, called the Harvest Moon, rose almost perfectly due east, lining up perfectly with the monuments along the Mall? And that it is a particularly awesome sight, especially for the ready photographers? Check out the shots in our Flickr group; some are in the Review as well. Just one of the many reasons DC is awesome! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 9/09-9/12

Our roving band of photographic contributors did a great job capturing some of the moments relating to the 12th anniversary of 9/11 this week but they also managed to catch some of the more lighthearted moments as well. Take a look back at all the things this week had to offer. And, as always, keep your finger on the shutter and make sure you post your photos to our Flickr group so we can show the world what you saw through your viewfinder, too. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 8/26-8/29

I’ll keep things short, since I know everyone wants to get their photo fix and then to hit the beaches and/or barbecues. Despite all our efforts, it’s been a busy week! Huge crowds marching (BTW: check out this epic panorama from Wednesday; it’s so big, I couldn’t post it here!); major international events coming to a head; and, all the while, a new school year starting. Busy, busy, busy! But not too busy for us to look back. So have at the photos, enjoy them, and then relax; you’ve earned this three day weekend DC. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 8/5-8/8

I was just about to put up a sign that reads, “Gone Photographing.” I would suggest you do the same; of course, that’s with changing the verb to whatever it is you want to be doing. Yes, sir or madame, August was made for doing something other than office work, and I hope you’re doing that something other. Our loyal photo contributors certainly know that, and you can see it the photos below. So check them out and then get to enjoying life. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 7/29-8/1

And we are into August…wait, where is everyone? Oh, that’s right, we’re into August and everyone’s on vacation. Well, to all us stiffs left to mind the city, I have just one thing to say: 3PM HAPPY HOUR!!! Or earlier if you have a really good office.

But before you write off a month of work, may I suggest checking out a great set of photos from this past week? You’ll appreciate it and you’ll burn a couple of minutes of dead August office time. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 7/22-7/25

Raise your hand if you thought this was a sleepy, nondescript week…yep, I thought so. In trying to figure out what to talk about here, I realized that nothing much of note happened. Sure there was that kid in that other country and the moron running for mayor in that large metropolitan city, but those really aren’t that important; they were more of sideshows. So here’s hoping that the weekend is more action-packed!

One thing that wasn’t sleepy are the photos in today’s Week In Review. Sit back, blow off that last bit of Friday afternoon work, and enjoy these most excellent works of photography. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 7/14-7/18

Some how we have survived an entire week of the first heatwave of the summer. I’d say congrats, but I’m half melted and stuck to my chair. So you’ll just have to content yourself with a half-hearted “huzzah.” Be thankful I can still manage that.

Despite the heat, our plucky photog contributors got out and about this week. Check out their wonderful contributions below. Continue reading

Week in Review

Weekend in Review: 7/1-7/4

From everyone here at We Love DC, we hope you had a great Fourth of July yesterday! And if you missed Jenn’s reference in our weekend plans post, yesterday was also our site’s fifth anniversary. Here’s hoping our best work is ahead of us! And thank you, dear readers, for continuing to patron our site; it means ever so much.

One last thing before we get to the photos: you’ll notice that there are no fireworks shots in this post. I’m holding all those for Monday morning for a special Fireworks Flashback; I’d like to give everyone some time to edit their photos and show off their very best shots. So you have till Sunday night to get them uploaded to our Flickr group.

And now, a look back at the first week of July! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 6/24-6/27

Well, this has been an exhausting week, hasn’t it? Just all of the SCOTUS stuff, both good and bad, would exhaust anyone. Add in all these storms we’ve been having and it’s a perfect recipe for tiring everyone out. Good news is we have a lazy week coming up for the Fourth, so it should even things out.

And more good news: it’s Friday, so we get to taking a breather and look back over the past week in photos. Put your feet up, look like you’re doing “research,” and just space out over some great pics for the next few minutes. You’ll appreciate it. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 6/17-6/20

On this day, the Summer Solstice, I’d like to get in touch with my Celtic heritage by planting a tree. This is mainly so I can have something to burn in December when I get in touch with my Norse heritage in December. A funny kind of symmetry in all this.

We have some truly excellent photos in today’s Review, so be sure to click through and check them out. And we hope the start of summer is treating you well! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 5/28-5/30

And the sun is setting on this short four day week…metaphorically speaking, of course. We do still have a good amount of daylight left. I expect you all know that. Anyways…

Check out photos from this short week. Even though they only had four days to work in, our excellent photography contributors still used their time well to work their magic. And everyone gets to benefit from them honing their craft; so enjoy! Continue reading