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We Love Photo Writers: So Write for Us!

Do you love photography? Do you love DC? Then we want you!

WLDC is looking for new photo writers. You will be responsible for writing one to two posts a week (mainly in the categories of Weekend Flashback, Featured Photo, and Week In Review), while getting to love DC all week long as you sift through and seek out terrific photos of the city. You will also have the liberty to write on other topics as your interests dictate and editors approve. It’s an opportunity to become part of a close-knit and supportive group of volunteer writers who are passionate about seeing you reach your full potential. If you’ve been interested in brushing up on your social media experience, or have been wanting to write more in a professional setting, this is a great venue to do it. You will have the creative freedom to write what you like, be able to share your vision of the city with others, and get feedback from some fantastic writers and readers. I have never regretted joining the team here, and I can’t imagine anyone not having a great time as well.

If you have basic knowledge of photography (for example, do you know the difference between shutter and aperture? Do you know what HDR is? Can you spot bad HDR?), a dedication to quality writing, and the commitment to post on a weekly basis, we’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at mosley[at]welovedc.com. Include your name, contact info, a general description of your photo knowledge (URL to your blog, Flickrstream, Instagram account, or such will do), and a few sentences on why you’re interested (nothing too fancy or long). I’ll reply with more info soon after.

Oh, and you must love DC. That’s the most important part.

Week in Review

Week In Review: 3/17-3/20

Two weeks ago, I wrote Week In Review and the description I put in could describe this week as well. So I’m just going to say: I’m sick of snow for the year; can we have Spring now?

Despite the spirit-crushing-snow, our photo contributors submitted some great shots this week. Check them out and then go enjoy the brief amount of warm weather we are getting this weekend. Oh, and take your camera! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 3/10-3/13

We made it, you guys, we made it. Another week is in the bag and it’s the freakin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun. Erm, or you know, just sit around doing nothing. Either way. If you’re celebrating an early Saint Patrick’s Day be smart, be safe, and please post all SFW photos of the craziness to the photo group. The NSFW photos? We’ll talk about those later. Sláinte! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 3/3-3/6

Between the snow day on Monday, the delayed openings on Tuesday, and the annoyingly cold weather the other three days, this has been one weird week, Very un-March. Dare I call it, Smarch weather? Well, it’s Friday and we don’t have to worry about as much. And we did get a benefit: fun photos. So, get yourself a warm drink, put your feet up, and enjoy the sights of the week. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 2/10-2/13

Happy Valentine’s Day We Love DCers! And for those who don’t celebrate this greeting-card-industry-created-holiday, Happy Friday! If you hadn’t noticed we got some more white stuff recently. Winter is not ready to let go just yet I guess. Our Flickr pool was full of snow-related photos this morning and it’s clear that a lot of people took advantage of their random day off to get outside and have some fun. You’re never too old to enjoy a good snow day. Here’s the Week in Review: Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 1/06-1/09

“I prefer #polarvortexofdoom. I expect to see Indiana Jones dressed in furs riding a Tauntaun.” This was something actually said to me by our other, shall we say imaginative, photo author this week. And it will probably be how I will remember this weird, weird week, where we got to experience a little piece of the arctic, right here in DC. Let’s not do this ever again; ok?

And as you can imagine, not even arctic temperatures could keep our skilled photo contributors indoors. Honestly, I don’t know how they did it. I tip my hat to them all…and posted some excellent shots below. Be sure to check them out. But drink something warm while doing it. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 12/23-12/26

Christmas is done and the New Year is coming. Look out 2014, here we come! But until then, it’s that weird week between Christmas and the New Year where little productive gets done because so many of us are traveling or relaxing or sleeping. But some of our loyal photogs got something useful done this week and were nice enough to share their hard photo work with us. So pour an extra eggnog, put your feet up, and enjoy the sights of the Season.

Oh, and we here at We Love DC would like to wish everyone a happy New Year; may it bring you new opportunities and great joy! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 12/16-12/19

The holiday finish line is quickly approaching and in all likelihood many of you will be jumping in your cars or on the train or in a plane this weekend and heading off to visit family and friends. Please be safe out there, enjoy the festivities, and take pictures of everything so we can see how much fun you’re having. And if you’re (un)lucky enough to be sticking around these parts then please make sure you keep adding to the photo pool because we’ll still be posting here as long as you’re still posting there. Here’s your Week in Review:  Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 12/09-12/12

I think it’s a sign of how snow deprived we’ve been that we got Tuesday off this week. I mean, that was next to nothing! But, we’ve had to deal with so much this year, what’s a random snow day in the middle of December? Now this persistent bone chilling cold I’m having none of.

Our awesome photo contributors certainly got out this week. Many were knee deep (figuratively speaking) in the snow and have the eye-witness pictures to prove…that it was, in fact, not knee deep…whatever. Enjoy the photos and stay warm this weekend. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 11/18-11/21

The season is almost upon us. Which season? The season of eating. Starting next week it’ll be a non-stop food binge until January and I am very excited. I used to think stuffing was some fancy dish that I was only allowed to eat once a year and then I became an adult. The realization that I could eat stuffing every day if I wanted to just blew my mind. (It’s the simple things in life…) Anyway, here is your Week in Review currently devoid of photos of tasty food but full of other goodies for your viewing pleasure.

By the way, if you do snap some shots of your Turkey Day meals go ahead and post them to the Flickr group if for no other reason than because it’s what the internets would want. Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 11/11-11/14

November keeps rolling on…any chance of someone being able to make it stop? Please! Well, I guess we’ve survived the increasingly DC centric holiday of Veterans Day (where else in the country does a significant portion of the population get the day off?), and now it’s the long slog to the Supermarket Battle Royale followed by Thanksgiving. And then it’s Christmas. Again, can someone slow this all down for a minute?!

Anyways, the week has, in fact, happened, so it needs to be Reviewed. And our loyal photographic contributors have provided material for an excellent Review. Enjoy! Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 11/4-11/8

I must admit that I feel rather spoiled to be helping Mr. Mosley with these photography posts here on We Love DC simply because I now have a legitimate reason for the hours I spend looking at Flickr. I love looking at what gets posted everyday and getting a tiny glimpse into the lives of our photographical contributors – where they went, what they ate, who their friends are, etc. I’m continually impressed by what they capture and the variety of images they produce. Thank you all for your submissions and keep them coming!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the Week in Review: Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 10/28-10/31

*SNIFF* Bye Halloween; see you next year. Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in some candy.

Seriously though, it’s a shame to see Halloween go, and with it, the last vestiges of what I think of as “good Fall.” Now we’ve got a return to standard time on Sunday, and with it less light in the evening. Then it’s the long march to Thanksgiving, then the assorted December holidays, and then the New Year and 2014…man, the year just flies by. Well, let’s take a breather and review the week in photos. We got some great shots, so enjoy! (And there are more costume photos in our Flickr pool.) Continue reading

Week in Review

Week in Review: 10/21-10/24

We made it you guys! Another work week (almost) in the bag. We’ve got a fine collection of photos for you today. Much time was spent looking through Flickr for those not hip to the We Love DC groove and asking them to share their righteous snaps of our fair city. Below are some familiar names but also some new ones. Want to see your name here? You know what to do.  Make sure you tag your photos with “welovedc” as well so we can find them even when you don’t remember to add them to the group.

Continue reading

Week in Review

Week In Review: 10/14-10/17

The big takeaway from the week for our city: The shutdown is over. Thank goodness. Of course, we get to do this again in a couple of months; after all, we had such a great time with this one, why not do it again?

But let’s not think about that, let’s think about the weekend. That’s because, though some of you may of only technically worked two days, it was still pretty stressful week for all involved. So go fourth, enjoy the fall weather we’re having, and, should you take any pictures this weekend, drop them into our Flickr group. You might become WLDC famous! Continue reading