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Ray’s The Steaks at East River Opens March 1

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‘Ray’s Hell Burger’
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Michael Landrum is nothing if not controversial. In the kitchen, he’s a tour de force, as a manager, he’d make Gordon Ramsey weep. But, his restaurant empire continues to grow, and so do his revenues. Landrum’s latest is Ray’s the Steaks at East River in Northeast, which opens March 1, and adds 45 new local jobs to the District. This is Landrum’s first foray into the District as owner, with two restaurants in Virginia and one in Silver Spring, and he’s got plans for a couple more Virginia eateries before 2010 is done.

Say what you like about the man (and there’s plenty of criticism that would be perfectly legitimate), his success is good for DC’s palate.

Ray’s: The Steaks at East River
3905 Dix St. NE,
Washington, DC 20019

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Free shredding is more available than you think

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More available than you’d think if you’re watching much NBC4, that is. Not to disparage the upcoming free shred that NBC4 and PNC bank are offering on June 20th, as it’s a darn sight more practical and cheap than buying your own shredder and sitting there feeding things into it. However District residents don’t need to drive out to NVCC in Annandale – they have two locations run by the DC government where they can bring their documents to be shredded, open on any given non-holiday Saturday. Schlep your old documents to Benning Road Trash Transfer Station (3200 Benning Road, NE) or the Fort Totten Trash Transfer Station (4900 Bates Road, NE) between 8am and 3pm.

While you’re at it you can bring any old motor oil or electronics or any number of other kinds of waste that they’ll take care of responsibly recycling/disposing.