Getaways – Gunpowder Falls

There’s a time of year when 55 degree water sounds painful. When the air temperature is in the 80s and the sun is beating down on you… not so much. Then it just makes for a pleasant chill on your backside as you do a leisurely float down the Gunpowder Falls River.

The river is just one component of Maryland’s Gunpowder Falls State Park but for my money – not that it takes much money to enjoy the river – it’s the best part. I’m happy to tell you about it in detail, but really here’s all you need to know: you get to float down a lazy river for either an hour and a half or a little over two hours – depending on where you get in – and it’s cool, calm water and you’re semi-shaded by lush greenery.

I’m not entirely sure why you’re not already in the car and on your way. I’d rather be there now than telling you about it.

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