Featured Photo

Featured Photo

IMG_8562b by D©Bloom

Independence Day has come and gone, but I couldn’t resist highlighting this patriotic moment captured by D©Bloom.  While our Flickr pool was inundated with oodles of “Ooooo!” and “Ahhhhh!” photos of the fireworks on display at the National Mall, we see a more personal and patriotic celebration here of Uncle Sam launching some bottle rockets in his back yard.  I stared at this photo for a long time and wondered why I loved it so much until finally realized that it reminded me of how I feel every 4th of July.  Being born on Independence Day, I can’t help but to claim it as my own, as my day.  When I see the rockets’ red glare, my surroundings fade to black, the crowd disappears, and it’s just me and a shower of colors bursting in the night sky.

This photo was taken with a Canon G9 which, next to the newer G10, has earned a reputation of being one of the best point and shoot cameras on the market.  Unlike most point and shoots it offers full manual control of the camera and takes 12.1 megapixel RAW images, resulting in large, uncompressed photos that you can print big if you have a winner.  It’s a great all around camera and fairly compact, making it easy to sneak a photo of Uncle Sam when he isn’t looking.

The Features, Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 7/3 – 7/5/09

Photo courtesy of
‘Fireworks in DC – the aftermath’ courtesy of ‘spiggycat’

Aaaaand welcome back to the workweek! Hope you enjoyed your very special three-day holiday weekend. We know it’ll take a bit to get into the swing of things on a Monday, so we’ve slipped in some extra photos for you to ogle while the caffeine drip gets started.

And if you’re hankering for even more fireworks photos, check out our Flickr pool for some great area photographer contributions. (We couldn’t possibly fit them all in here.)

Meantimes, we’ll get our crew up and awake so we can stock your week full of great articles. We’re a year old now, you know. Time for us to be professional… eh, who are we kidding? We know you love us just the way we are!

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Petworth, The Daily Feed

DC Neighbourhoods Ablaze!

Photo by Wayan

Washington DC has its official fireworks on the Mall, but forgive me I find them insignificant. For me, the formal symphony + lightshow is a distant second, if even ranked, when compared with the neighbourhood effort.

And that would be every neighbourhood in this city – from Congress Heights to Foggy Bottom, Park View to Palisades. On every block, on each street, we have an orgy of light and sound, all amateur, and therefore, so much more creative and intimate.

In Petworth, we had our own fireworks festival. With the full block party audience in attendance, we had all kinds of sparkling, shootings, and showers of crackling through the night. Even Taxi Dog got in on the show.

And this morning? Happiness with firework detritus strewn about.