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We Love Arts: A Christmas Carol


Tiny Tim has always had the striking ability to make me shed a few tears. Wednesday night’s presentation of A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre was no exception.

If you’re looking for a true holiday treat this season, get your tickets to see A Christmas Carol as soon as possible. Not only were Christmas carols stuck in my head for the 48 hour period following the show, but my desire to give to those in need this season was completely rekindled.

The Ford’s Theatre cast was full of youth and passion that was easily apparent during the numerous musical sequences throughout the show.  Director Michael Baron of the Signature Theatre undertook this timeless tale with the intention of creating “a world that evokes the spirit and time period of the Charles Dickens story but with a touch of fancy to celebrate the holiday season.” His use of music and dancing allows for a certain degree of audience involvement — because it’s hard to not sing along to the classic caroling songs this time of year.

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