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Happy Anniversary, WeLoveDC!!!

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‘The We <3 DC Crew’ courtesy of ‘marc.benton’

With apologies to a certain escapist ’80s TV show…

“In 2008 a crack blogging team was bound by restrictions of a blogging organization they didn’t build. A select group of men and women promptly escaped from the shackles of the oppression to the freedom of WordPress. Today they survive as a radical bloggers in the nation’s capital. If all you see is the politics, if no one else can give you the real scoop on DC, and if you love your metro region, then maybe you can read: WeLoveDC.”

It was one year ago today we stepped out on our own into the brave new blogging world. I’ve been extremely blessed to have been included in this endeavor from the start and want to take a moment to especially thank Don, Tom, Tiff, Carl, Paulo, Wayan, Jenn, BenS and John for inviting me into the fold. I’ve felt like a modern version of the Founding Fathers and am humbled and amazed that we’re still around after a year and that all of you – our wonderful readers – continue to support us. So, on this first anniversary and on our nation’s celebration of Independence, this humble resident thanks you all.

Here’s to 233 more!