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Johns Hopkins Has a Little Fun

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‘Johns Hopkins at greenmount cemetery.’
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You’ve got to love a major university that can poke a little fun at itself on April Fools Day.  Today, the administration of Johns Hopkins University announced that they’re finally dropping the ‘s’ at the end of Johns once and for all.  Not only did they craft a nice little press release about the change (saying that they thought the extra ‘s’ was probably just a typo anyway), but they have some great photos all over their site of the ‘s’ being removed from university buildings.  My favorite has got to be the front page image.

Well played, JHU.  Anyone spot any other good local April Fools jokes out there?

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Talkin’ Transit: Metro Says “You Drive It”

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‘Concourse Teddy’, courtesy of ‘philliefan99’ Teddy driving your train? Maybe!

Word out of the WMATA office? Put your skills where you mouth is.

Starting April 31, regular commuters can become a Metro operator for a day. Selected daily from unregistered SmarTrip card users, a random rider will be selected and invited to drive their Metrobus or conduct their Metro train! After a quick training course, the winners will be ushered into the driver’s seat for a commuting experience they won’t forget!

Ever dreamed of piloting the Yellow Line train across the Potomac, pulling into L’Enfant with a full load of sleepy, cranky morning passengers? Or helming a prestigious Red Line train during rush hour, making sure commuters board the train respectfully and without pushing and shoving? What about steering a big Metrobus down Pennsylvania Avenue, stopping at every red light and heading up a five-bus convoy as you pack in the riders?

Now’s your chance. Continue reading