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Don’t Forget Austin Grill’s Food Truck!


Photo Courtesy Austin Grill

Well, maybe…

The yellow & red Austin Grill truck was trying to hit the streets today, but that’s now changed to “by March 15.” Let us know if you see it out!

The tex-mex chain, which first opened in 1988 in Glover Park, already has six locations in the DC area — so now seven if you count the truck. I must admit that I haven’t been to Austin Grill in years, but there is something interesting about the “trend” of brick and mortars turning to mobile vending. In February, Penn Quarter’s soon-to-be-open District of Pi sent its truck out to give away 36 free pizzas to hungry fans.

Austin Grill’s set of wheels will feature dishes from the restaurant’s regular menu — so burritos, sandwiches, burgers, wings, and more. You can track the AG Truck down by following it on Twitter and Facebook.

The strange thing is that writing this is making me crave District Taco, the fixed-address establishment that actually started as a food truck. Oh, doesn’t this just sound like the perfect time for traditional restaurants and trucks to get along? Yeah, probably not.

Too bad Austin Grill can’t sell its margaritas out of its truck…