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Scotch: It’s More Than Ron Burgundy’s Drink Of Choice


When I told the folks at Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits I was there for the Balvenie scotch tasting, they didn’t believe me. I think it was the combined fact that I was 1 – a woman and 2 – actually knew what a single malt scotch was. (I blame my father for both of those things by the way.)

“I don’t meet too many women who are into scotch,” event artist Dave Walz told me. Well guess what bud, you just did.

Before Saturday, I had never heard of Balvenie — let alone Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits. So I killed two alcohol induced birds with one stone while taking up the offer to visit for a free tasting. The event’s menu included two of the store’s top-shelf single malts: 12 year Doublewood and 15 year single barrel.

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