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We Love Arts: The Foreigner

Bill Largess, Rena Cherry Brown and Sean McComas in Bay Theatre Company’s The Foreigner (Photo courtesy Bay Theatre Company)

Outside the city limits of the District is a small gem that is a literal underground player in the DC Metro theatre scene. Located 45 minutes away in Annapolis, the Bay Theatre Company can be found in a small professional office plaza basement underneath a law office. The operation has a Mom & Pop feel that is highly reminiscent of the old county store where I would buy candy after school.

Everything about The Bay Theatre has a homey feel to it, from the cushioned Costco folding chairs to the post-show reception line where Artistic Director Janet Luby and Operations Manager Steven Strawn personally shook the hand of every patron that saw the show. The experience was much more intimate than any show I’ve seen at Arena, Studio, or Woolly Mammoth.

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