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Best Of: Photos 2011

Photo courtesy of pablo.raw
January moonrise II
courtesy of pablo.raw

Four days left in 2011. It has been a doozy of a year: government shutdowns, and people exercising their right to protest. Evil men dying, and squeal worthy, cute animals. Big events; personal milestones; and sad farewells. And throughout the year, our contributors to the We Love DC Flickr pool have kept the photos coming. While none are Pulitzer-prize winning pictures (despite their excellent quality), they do mark the passage of time here in our home city.

We decided to do a “year in review” of photographs for 2011. The majority are shots from the pool, with a few special ones sprinkled here and there for big events (or cute animals). I hope you’ll take a few minutes and look through them all, and think back on the year. And let’s make a resolution to keep the top-notch photos coming in for 2012! Or better still, you’ll start contributing photos in the New Year… Continue reading