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We Love Arts: Carolyn Sewell Interview

You can’t walk down the street without seeing a sign.  Signs are there to inform or instruct you, to get you to stop, go and yield to pedestrians. But what good do these signs do if they are difficult to read, provide an unclear message, or get lost in the peripheral?  Graphic design was established as a result of these glaring errors, and developed a universally recognized profession in which people are trained to convey a message, to a target audience, while following the principles of design.  However, the profession has outgrown the average political advertisement and cereal box, and now is an appreciated art form.

Award-winning designer and blogger, Carolyn Sewell, displayed her yearlong project Postcards To My Parents at The Fathom Gallery this September. Every day from July 23, 2009 to July 23, 2010 she sent hand-drawn postcards to her parents with messages of love and adoration, snarky quotes from friends, family and television, and the occasional drawing of a gnome.  Sewell currently resides in Arlington, VA and shares creative (and sometimes not so creative) graphic design with the masses on her blog Pedestrian Typography.

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