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Madeleine Albright’s Jewelry

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‘Smithsonian Castle 2’
courtesy of ‘tbridge’

When I heard about the new exhibit at the Smithsonian Castle I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  A collection entirely dedicated to Madeleine Albright’s personal jewelry? Really? 

Anyway, boy was I wrong.  Based on this behind-the-scenes video where the former U.S. Secretary of State talks candidly about five of her featured pins, I have decided that this may actually be some pretty interesting stuff.  What do you think?

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Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection will be on view through October 11th at the Smithsonian Castle. 

Smithsonian Castle is located at 1000 Jefferson Drive SW.

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Have You Seen This Bird?

Parakeet Staring

This here is Pickles, a green and very talkative rose-ringed parakeet last seen in a tree in the Haupt Garden behind the Smithsonian Castle. Pickles’ owner Scott likes to take the bird on his shoulder, pirate-style, for walks around the National Mall on weekends, and on nice days, perch Pickles on tree branches in the Gardens to let him get some nature.

Yesterday, Pickles disappeared. Continue reading