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New Cheese Guy

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Everyone’s favorite Alexandria based, wine and cheese bar has a new chef.  Cheesetique announced last week that they have hired Josh Andrus, formerly of Minibar, to head up their kitchen. Chef Andrus brings a presumably more sophisticated palate to Del Ray’s local cheesemonger and has already revamped its menu.  New offerings include several cheese centric sandwiches, salads, and small plates.  It’s yet another reason to spend time at this fine establishment.

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We Love Food: Cheesetique

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In my humble opinion, cheese shops are too few and far between. Americans settle for the lactic crap that comes in baggies at super markets and fail to enjoy the finer aspects of one of God’s greatest creations. Sure, cheddar melted over tortilla chips has its place, but there’s so much that goes unrealized in the world of cheese.  Fortunately, there’s a place in Del Ray called Cheesetique: it purveys the wonders of excellent fromage to the greater DC area.

Cheestique is, perhaps, the brightest star in the glimmering neighborhood of Del Ray, Alexandria.  Over the past few years, this quaint area has been a haven for simple, unpretentious restaurants that serve excellent food to the many young families that occupy the neighborhood. None is as well conceptualized or executed as the Cheesetique.  By day it serves as a specialized grocery with dozens of excellent cheeses and decent bottles of wine.  By night, it’s a wine and cheese bar that is the first stop for a date night, or as the romantic destination itself. The former iteration was my first exposure to it.

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