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We Love Weekends: March 26-27

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Marissa: I’m stretching my birthday out for as long as possible and celebrating a new job by kicking off Friday night with a party hosted by my best friend, Jennifer. We’ll probably all end up at either Madam’s Organ or Marvin. Saturday, an old friend from my high school fencing team (you read that right. Fencing.) is in town and I’m hoping we can catch up at Pound The Hill. Then it’s off to check out Nana, a neat clothing boutique, which reopens this week.

Patrick P.: I will be heading down to Miami this weekend to expierience the ever expanding Ultra Music Festival with Michael Darpino and my brother. I got some sun block with the special SPF to protect my body from free radicals caused by the sun. I also will be packing anti-crazy touchy raver repellant to ward off those that feel they can touch whoever they want while using illegal narcotics. My goal is to stay hydrated, excited, and dance myself into size 29 skinny jeans. I also plan on saying “Hello to my little friends” when I bust out some glow sticks and start jumping up and down till the sun goes up and down. Continue reading