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For those of us on a budget, it’s always great to find a deal on dinner, or any other meal for that matter.  That being said, I have a few spots that I think you’ll thank me later for…

Buddha Bar. Did you know you can enjoy lunch Buddha Bar-style for under 20 bucks?  That’s right!  Seven days a week this newly-opened restaurant offers bento boxes for $19.  The boxes include miso soup, edamame, Buddha Bar, chicken salad, Vietnamese spring rolls, red curry shrimp with steamed rice, and your choice of mango soup or chocolate & sesame bars for dessert.  Works for me!

Potenza. If you’re looking for something different, Potenza has you covered.  On Thursdays and Fridays, between 11:20 am and 5 pm, you can grab a snack for just $5!  If you drop by Potenza’s patio at 15th and H Street NW, you can have your choice of three house-made sausages.  Grilled and served with peppers and onions, you just decide between Italian sweet, spicy, or fennel, and enjoy.  If you’re looking for a little bit more, they also have a three-course menu you might enjoy on your lunch break.  You can choose between items like salad, sandwiches, and even a take-away cookie bag.  Check out the full menu here.

CommonWealth Gastropub & Hank’s Oyster Bar. Last but not least, Jamie Leeds has a special treat for you and the kids with Family Nights at DC’s CommonWealth Gastropub and Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria.  On Tuesdays and Saturdays between 5 and 7 pm at Commonwealth (and Tuesdays at Hank’s Oyster Bar), kids 10 and under can eat free when you chow down on one of the “grown-up” meals.  Whether it’s the Mac n’ Cheese at Hank’s or the Fish n’ Chips at CommonWealth, the kiddies will definitely eat great.  For the parents, you might like something like the BBQ’d Oysters or Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes.

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He Loves DC: Antonio Burrell

Antonio from Commonwealth

It’s been a wild ride for Antonio Burrell, the Chef de Cuisine at CommonWealth Gastropub. Since the opening in August of 2008, the British food joint CommonWealth has fast been popular with foodies and Columbia Heights regulars. I was able to catch up with Burrell, talk through his opinions on the DC food scene, find out what he does in the city on his days off, and discuss what his ideal food day in the city would be composed of.

Katie: How long have you lived in DC?

Antonio: I moved to DC in October of 2000. I actually took two months off and took a nice vacation, stayed in North Carolina played a lot of golf and fished a lot with my Dad. For the first year and a half I lived in Alexandria, but have lived in DC since then.

Name the best part of DC, in your opinion?

I like a great many things about DC, chief among them are the people I have met and its central location to Manhattan and my extended family, who live in North Carolina. However, the best part of DC is all the great cultural things you can do. The Smithsonian Institute Museums are a great way to spend a day, topped off by a nice stroll down the Mall, taking many stops along the way, especially to dip your feet in the fountain at the Korean Memorial.

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