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Donate Your Old PC

Stupid Computer!!! by f1uffster (Jeanie)

Do you have an old PC tucked away in your closet or one that you use as a footstool?  Well you should consider donating it to the fine folks at DCWEEK.  From June 16 through June 19th, lug your old (or new) flat panel monitors, desktops, or laptops down to 900 Massachusetts Ave NW where they will be refurbished and given to low income families by nonprofits First Time Computers and Byte Back.  There is a list of no-nos however:

  • PC’s only, no Apple computers
  • The computer must less than 8 years old
  • No CRT monitors, audio equipment, phones, large printers, faxes, scanners, or manuals
  • Bring things unboxed
  • Make sure they can be reused and aren’t in a state of total disrepair

Also, I highly recommend that you permanently delete all data from your hard drives.  For more details, check out DCWEEK’s link.