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Getaways: Vintage Ridge Vineyard


It’s a widely known fact that I love visiting Virginia’s wineries. And not particularly for the wine, though I do wind up with some great bottles. But mostly for the sitting outside and relaxing with friends. We make a point to escape the city pretty regularly, and I’ve got a long list of favorites. But stop the presses, re-write my list of favorites, because I’ve found a winery that takes my perfect formula (sun, country, wine) and improves upon it – something I never thought possible. How can you possibly improve upon the experience of sitting around a table in the middle of rolling hills, with a chilled glass of alcohol in your hand, you ask? Here’s how: add food. So that’s where Vintage Ridge Vinyards comes into the picture. I’ve found a winery that gives you food pairings (cheese! salami! more cheese!), with your wine. Good lawd, I’ve died and gone to winery heaven. Continue reading