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Perez Hilton Scorned by TWT

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Fishbowl DC has the details of the latest journalist to meet the ire of Gossip-blogger and remora-par-none Perez Hilton, and it’s a local: Stephanie Green from The Washington Times. Given the opportunity for an exclusive by Hilton’s publicist, Green took the story, and published an article based on the segment with the publicist. You know, as you might expect from any writer who was pitched a story would do. The small problem? The publicist said that Hilton decided to pass on the story with the Times, in a one-line email, and went about her day. Apparently, that was supposed to kill the story, but Green, being good at her job, decided not to roll over and be Hilton’s lapdog.

Bravo, Stephanie, Bravo. Hilton’s bark is a lot worse than his bite.

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The Real World, Mapped Out

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Well, we’ve had our time to make up our wills, get ready our bail monies, and shine up our truncheons; the Real World is Here. Washingtonian is looking for your help mapping out their stay in the DC area, and is asking for folks to email them, or twitter using #rwwatch to help keep tabs on this dangerous plague of human misery. Keep an eye on their map to figure out where not to go for drinks or dinner after work.