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He Loves DC: Ed Cunningham

Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Ed Cunningham grew up playing football at Mount Vernon High School in DC’s backyard. His ability to play the game and play it well enabled a successful career as a professional football player and on-air sports analyst. The athleticism he exhibited on the field led Cunningham to a Rose Bowl Championship — that he won — in college before he continued on to spend time in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks in the 90’s.

Most recently, Cunningham finds himself working as a college football analyst for ESPN. And this weekend, ESPN is bringing Cunningham back home to call the Clemson at Maryland football game which is scheduled to air at 3:30 p.m. ET this afternoon.

What is it about DC that makes it home to you?

Now that I have lived away for so long, I think it is the accents of the people. There is such a unique way of speaking here, and it always reminds me of being a kid in such a great place.

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ESPN Zone Arcade Game Auction

Photo courtesy of
‘ESPN Zone’
courtesy of ‘darkensiva’

Via Thrillist this morning, the now-closed ESPN Zone is auctioning off pretty much all of their arcade games and the going prices aren’t bad. Knowing the WeLoveDC audience, I figured there would be some of you out there interested in getting your gaming hands on some of these classics. Aside from the games, the auction includes lighting, furniture and industrial kitchen equipment from the Zone, so if you’re in need of an ice cream machine or a heavy duty deep fryer this is your auction.

If I lived in a group house, I would totally be ALL over my housemates to chip in and buy one of these beauties. Personally, I’m partial to the Trophy Hunting (Bear & Moose) and the Super Shot games, but I’m sure the Slapshot Hockey and Washington Redskins Football Throwing game will be big fan favorites as well.

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ESPN notices DC

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‘we feel fine’
courtesy of ‘brains the head’

Or maybe we finally bought enough chicken wings at the ESPN Zone. Something, I dunno. I’ll confess that my interaction with ESPN is pretty much limited to watching the crawl when I’m at the bar – I get my updates straight from or the iPhone SportsTap application.

However Ric tells us that the ESPN instant poll results used to lack any sort of breakout for the DC area but he’s started seeing results from the District and the map has been updated to allow for displaying them. Older polls use the new map with DC but don’t have any results, like this Blazers-Rockets poll.

For non-DC-related fun, plug random numbers into the poll results link. Here’s one that apparently never ran… for good reason. Looks like a test setup of a tv show bracket: Project Runway vs Dancing with the Stars. Weird.