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Sean Taylor’s Locker Moves to FedEx Field

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‘Sean Taylor’
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The memory of Sean Taylor will continue to be preserved by the Washington Redskins.

It was announced on Friday that Taylor’s locker will be removed from the Redskins Park training facility to FedEx Field where it will be put on public display. General manager Bruce Allen told The Washington Times that he realizes how much Taylor meant to the fans and that the team is “happy to be able to share this with them.”

There is only one foreseen problem with the move: fan access to the display. It appears that the Redskins will be placing the display to the Club A tower of FedEx Field, where club-level only ticket holders will be able to view the locker on game days, and not the everyday-fan.

Team officials say that fans will be able to visit the locker during other events and during stadium tours. This might be something that fans bring up to the Redskins front office about preserving Taylor’s memory.