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Something’s Fishy

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Here’s another good reason to use all-natural lotions and potions — they can help you stay a manly man or a girly girl. How’s that?

Well, earlier this week, a new report said that now 80 percent of the male fish swimming in the Potomac River have developed eggs. Since the river provides 90 percent of DC’s drinking water, this is reason to sit up and take notice.

What’s going on? Experts aren’t entirely sure, but they’re pointing an accusing finger at endocrine disruptors in the water. The good news — you can help! Put unused medicines in the trash (not down the drain), and choose personal care products without chemicals.

And guys, remember. If you get pregnant…there is something in the water.

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Fish Stories

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If you still have an appetite for food movies, there’s a new one in town — but only for a limited time.

The End of the Line, which has been called “the Inconvenient Truth of the oceans,” is a fascinating movie that lays out why seafood may soon be off the menu and what you can do to save it.

Originally screened at National Geographic in June, it’s now playing for one week, starting today, at Landmark E Street Cinema.

Check out the trailer for a taste.

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Film Preview: Wish a Fish to Be Your Dish?

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Last night, National Geographic held a sold-out screening of The End of the Line: Imagine a world without fish.

With scenes of fishing boats and markets the world over, the movie does a great job of explaining why seafood is on the decline worldwide — and predicted to run out in 2048 — and what you can do now to keep more fish in the sea. (Hint: Know which fish is sustainable, and ask where it comes from before you buy it.)

The film, which mentioned our own Chesapeake Bay rays, will come to E Street Cinema on Aug. 14. Now, you can see the trailer and join a campaign to protect marine life.