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Pedestrian Eats: Food Carts in DC

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‘taco and popcorn cart’
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Running out for lunch is a perfect excuse to leave your desk for a while, and forget the ringing phone and incoming email. There are plenty of lunch options around the city, but after a while, the Quiznos gets boring and there are only so many Chop’t salads one can eat. Enter: the food carts. Some of our city’s food carts are dependable – always on the same corner, same time, every day. Other carts are slightly less predictable, and use the marvels of modern technology to alert fans where they are headed for the day. But no matter the style, the food remains the focus, and the best part of all. So, I’ve got a totally subjective, not-at-all comprehensive guide to some of the most popular and well-loved food carts in DC.

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