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Support Women Photojournalists Tonight

KEN_011_082003_N041-22_WFP-Vanessa_Vick by Peter Casier

If you hadn’t noticed by now, we’re smack dab in the middle of FotoWeek.  While the number of photography shows, lectures, portfolio reviews, night projections and parties is rather daunting, it’s a no-brainer to check out an exhibit that is full of great work and is raising money for a good cause.

Tonight, the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) are hosting Women By Women, a juried exhibit and silent auction.  From their blog:

“The proceeds will benefit WPOW in continuing our mission to educate the public about the work of women photojournalists.  All 16×20 prints will be signed by the photographer.  Please bring cash or check if you would like to bid. The show will additionally be on view from November 5-13th at the gallery.  The gallery hours are from 3-8pm daily.”

The show is free to attend but by buying an amazing photograph in the auction tonight, well, it’s is a win-win for everyone.

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Women Photojournalists of Washington
AYN Studio
923 F Street NW #201
Washington, DC 20004

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FotoWeek DC 2009: What to See

FotoWeek Projections by coolmarie

Before last year there was a huge void in DC’s photography world.  Despite being the home of National Geographic, the Newseum, the Washington Post, and many award winning photographers, we were missing an event to bring everyone together, to celebrate photography.  Sure, some of the galleries in town would have a photography exhibit or two, Magnum and Pulitzer Prize winning photographers would occasionally talk about their work, and local photographers would dork out hold meetups and go on photowalks throughout the year.  What we needed though was something big and annual like other major cities have.  Something pros, amateurs, and students could all participate in.  Basically we needed a big photography party.  Hell, if our neighbors in little ol’ Charlottesville could put together an international photography festival, why couldn’t DC?  In came FotoWeek DC.

But what exactly is FotoWeek you ask?  That is a very good question.  In fact if you asked ten different people you would probably get ten different answers.  Is it a contest?  Yes.  Is it a city wide festival celebrating photography?  Yes.  Does it celebrate only photography?  No, in fact two of this year’s contest categories were called “Storytelling” and “Experimental” that included works in multimedia, video, sound and graphics.  Why does FotoWeek spell the word “photo” with an F?  Your guess is as good as mine, my friend.  Why is FotoWeek held in November rather than in a pleasant time of year, say in June?  Because you must suffer for photography.

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Featured Photo

Fixation Opening Party by vincent gallegos

It would be an extreme understatement if I said that it was ‘a night to remember’.  Friday night’s opening party for Fixation at Fight Club was one hell of a way to get FotoWeek DC started.  This show tied together art, people, and the city like no other.

It’s impossible to explain how comfortable and chill the party was, all the while electric and full of energy.  You couldn’t escape the eclecticism.  The crowd ranged from wealthy, “in the know”, socialite art collectors to artists and die hard skaters.  The music switched from electronica to rock and roll, then drifted back to club music to keep the party rolling.  Our beverages began as champagne and later morphed into beer, while our food went from gourmet pizza to food off of a snack cart.  If you commissioned a painting to represent the night, it would contain elegant brush strokes smeared with spray paint, colors from across the spectrum.

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Friday Night’s Fixation @ Fight Club

This is it, folks.  FotoWeek DC is kicking off in style!  With so many events to choose from over the course of the week, I highly recommend you start things off by paying a visit to the underbelly of DC, aka “Fight Club”.  Brought to you by Ten Miles Square and The Pink Line Project, Fixation is sure to be a photography show (and night) to remember.

If you’ve never heard of Fight Club before, you’re definitely not alone.  If you have heard of Fight Club, you’re incredibly hip to the underground scene and are probably annoyed that a bunch of fancy artists are invading your space.  This exclusive skate park is home to DC’s local skater scene and is sure to be a place you’ll tell your grandkids about.

But enough about the venue, this show is about photography!  Nine amazing local DC photographers will be featuring their work (all of it for sale) Friday night, some familiar names you are sure to recognize.

“These nine photographers each create a narrative with a short series of images, building the viewer a bridge between the image of our Nation’s Capital and the people actually living inside it. Their photographs inspect our city’s subculture and the people who thrive in it, whether it is the pure ecstasy of a public baptism or the discovery of an elusive quiet moment as 18th Street rages nearby. Some create their own scenes, driven by the absurdity or crucial absences in our cityscapes. Others sneak in the backdoor of highly defined alternative lifestyles, finding characters dolled up for primetime, squeezed in the underbelly of the D.C. club scene. What they all have in common is a fixation on the individual in the hands of a much bigger picture.”

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FotoWeek DC: Deadline Is Near!

Attention all photographers!  If you haven’t entered your photos in the FotoWeek DC Photography Competition, you’re running out of time.  The deadline for submissions is next Monday, September 22nd but you can submit your photos until September 29th for an additional fee (no one likes additional fees).

For those of you out of the loop, FotoWeek DC is a brand new photography showcase event for professionals, ameteurs, and students alike.  And now even the little (K-12) kiddies can participate!  For more about this event, allow me to quote from their website:

The week of November 15-22, 2008 will mark the launch of FotoWeek DC, the first annual gathering of a diverse and wide-ranging photography community in the nation’s capital, including photographers, museums, universities and all those involved in the profession across the metro D.C. area, including Virginia and Maryland. Unique among American cities, Washington, D.C. is a nexus of artistic, business, political and public sector energy, in which photography plays an integral role. FotoWeek DC seeks to bring together all photographers and imaging professionals from every discipline to join with the public in celebration of the medium.

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