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Another Great Vantage Point

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courtesy of ‘christaki’

You already know what we think the five best vantage points in the city are, but there’s one that didn’t make the list the first time around that must be added: the top of the Capitol dome.  See that little railing in the image above?  You can get up there!  It’s a bit of a tricky process as you’ll need to contact your congressional representative to set it up, and a member of Congress has to actually lead the tour.  You’ll also have to sign a waiver that releases the Capitol from liability in the event that you tumble down the 300-plus stairs.

The tour is absolutely amazing: your tour guide will explain the history of the Capitol, and you’ll stop at various spots inside to see the view from inside the dome (you’ll have to resist the urge to drop things on the unsuspecting tourists below).  But the really stunning part is when you get up to the very top of the Capitol at that railing– you can walk outside and see the most perfect view of the city.

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