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Cure Those Post-Hannukah Blues

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courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

As a fellow member of the tribe, I know what it’s like to have the seasonal blues once Christmas comes and Hannukah’s over. With that said, I invite you all (Jew or non-Jew) to check out “Good For The Jews” this Thursday (yes, that’s Christmas Eve aka the 13th night of Hannukah) at Jammin’ Java in Vienna.

The evening features Jewish music for people who don’t like Jewish music. There will be no songs about dreidels or Israeli folk dancing, just good old comedic ramblings about your favorite non-Christmas-celebrating neighbors.

WaPo loved it. The A.V. Club got a kick out of it. And The Baltimore Jewish Times went as far as to say, “This is not your father’s Judaism: [this is] Jews with an edge and proud of it.”

So do yourselves a favor and skip out on the Chinese food and a movie. Go see “Good For The Jews” on Christmas Eve. Then … go get yourself some lo mein and egg rolls on Christmas Day. They’ll taste that much better a day later anyway.

Tickets are still available at or by calling (703) 255-1566