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Area Corruptitude, Not DC

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Our beloved DC is often lambasted for being full of corrupt pols and evil lobbyist bent on turning America into their own little self center, money making machine. However, despite our seedy reputation, DC is only the 36th most corrupt “state” in the union, according to the DailyBeast.

Sure we had the largest case of tax fraud courtesy of  Harriette Monica Walters, who serves as DC’s image in the poll, but we’re no match for southern neighbor Virginia, who ranks #2, just behind the most corrupt state Tennessee, or Maryland which came in at #23.

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Harriet Walters’ Handbags Up For Auction

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Anyone out there want their own little fashionable piece of DC scandal history? Well look no further then the Harriet Walters’ online designer bag auction currently taking place and run by the U.S. Marshalls Service. Imelda collected shoes. Harriet handbags.

Besides, I totally needed that Louis Vuitton bag anyways. And so what if it happened to be evidence in a $50 million dollar embezzlement case. I’m a slave to fashion.

Auction runs until Thursday, January 22nd.