The 2011 We Love DC NYE Guide

Photo courtesy of InspirationDC
New Years Eve
courtesy of InspirationDC

New Year’s Eve can be a trying holiday. There is so much pressure put on this one night – one moment really – that builds up for weeks prior. You can start to feel so much like you must go out and you absolutely must have fun that you panic and fork over $200 for a ticket to an awful party just to have something to do – and then end up sipping from flimsy plastic cups of regret all night long.

It is our goal here to help you avoid this fate. To that end, I will begin this going-out guide by saying you have my permission and support to not go out. Or, better yet, just go to a small house party at your friend’s place. Maybe go out for brunch the next day or, you know, do something else. Whatever. The point is: no pressure.

If you do decide to go out, here are some suggestions – but before we get started I just want to suggest you consider wearing sensible shoes? Bars are open until 4am by special DC Council authorization and I do not want you breaking an ankle (this actually happened to a friend of mine after a holiday party this month.) Speaking of which, I know you probably do not want to hear this, but think about how you are getting home before you go out. Drunk walking home in cities leads to no-joke fatalities and can make you more vulnerable to crime.

Now, watch this cuteness and we will move along.

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Holidays at the White House

Photo courtesy of tbridge
The White House Driveway
courtesy of tbridge

The White House’s Office of Public Engagement and Office of Digital Strategy combined yesterday to host about 150 people for another White House Tweetup at the Old Executive Office Building, and upped the ante by providing with it a tour of the White House made up for Christmas. I was fortunate to be a late addition to the group, and Tiffany and I joined the audience for a program with a number of administration officials, from the pastry chef and the florist, up to the President’s CTO and the head of the Office of Digital Strategy.

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Christmas Camel Back at Mount Vernon

Photo courtesy of
‘Mount Vernon – Aladdin – 12-26-08’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

Now through Jan. 6, Mount Vernon is having a special holiday celebration with historical chocolate-making demonstrations, 18th century dancing, and a Christmas Camel named Alladin.

Yes, that’s right, a camel, back by popular demand. It seems our founding father had a penchant for exotic animals, and in 1787 he paid 18 shillings to bring in a camel at Christmastime to entertain his guests. Hmm, do you think they were surprised? (And is that little “Alice the Camel” ditty now playing in your head?)

This year’s stand-in comes from the Full Moon Ranch Home in Berryville, VA, and is said to be very friendly, though of dubious help in a snowpocalypse. More on our man GW and his camel after the jump. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pie Sale Benefits Food & Friends

Photo courtesy of
‘Pumpkin Pie’
courtesy of ‘Bethany Ann Khan’

At the DC foodie happy hour last month, I found out about this great holiday pie sale to benefit Food & Friends, called Slice of Life.  While I’ve never volunteered for Food & Friends, it is a great organization with a great reputation. And we all know that it’s going to be a particularly rough holiday season this year…

If you purchase a pie for Thanksgiving and take it home for you and your clan through the Slice of Life program, 100% of the cost of the pie goes to the foundation. Or, you can donate the pie and the funds directly to the families who need them most.

All the information you could possibly be interested in can be found by clicking this link.

Let me know if you have any questions or, you know, what your favorite pie is. Orders must be completed by this upcoming Thursday, November 19.

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St. Patty’s Day Celebrations

Photo courtesy of
‘Battle-ready helmet’
courtesy of ‘quinn.anya’

DC is going green, but not in the sustainable way — more like the “you look a little green…how many Guinnesses have you had?” way. Last weekend was the giant St. Patrick’s Day parade in Alexandria, which is often accompanied by an entire day in the multiple Irish pubs in Old Town, and this Saturday is Shamrock Fest at RFK Stadium.

I went to Shamrock Fest last year, and I’ve vowed to never return, but I do enjoy the general festiveness of this time of year, even if in reality it turns into two solid weekends of complete debauchery. Just be careful out there, and please, please don’t throw up on my shoes.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Santa the Magnificent by M.V.  Jantzen

With Christmas just over a week away (ahem, photo contest), you have to ask yourself, “Have you been naughty or nice?”  If you answered the latter, have you made your list for Santa?  You know you’re dying for a Slanket or a Snuggie.  If you’ve just about had enough of those gosh darn split ends, you’ll no doubt be asking Santa for a Split-Ender.  As for me, I’m hoping he puts a new Canon 5D Mark II and a few prime lenses under my tree.

But what if you haven’t been so nice, hmmm?  What if you tried to sell Barack Obama’s empty senate seat to the highest bidder?  What if you hired some high dollar escorts and took them to the Mayflower Hotel?  What if you had an extramarital affair during your presidential campaign while your supportive wife of 31 years was in remission from breast cancer?

I’ll tell you what happens.  This guy and his buddy come after you.  I hope you like Marlboro Lights and the smell of concrete.

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Downtown Holiday Market Opens

Russian Egg Christmas Ornaments
Russian Egg Ornaments by Tom Bridge

The Downtown Holiday Market on F Street in Penn Quarter started at noon today, and features dozens of market stalls of some of the coolest locally-made stuff that I’ve seen. There are homemade cutting boards, made with beautifully-grained Shenandoah trees, amazing decoupage boxes in just about every shape and size, with just about every different pattern you can imagine.

The pedestrian market is right across the street from the Verizon Center, so if you’re out to get lunch at Gordon Biersch, or Rosa Mexicano, or maybe Jaleo, stop on by the market. It’s open every day between now and the 23rd, from noon until 8pm. There’s fair-trade coffee and tea vendors, with sample pourers, so you won’t freeze despite the chill. There’s all manner of unique crafts and gift opportunities. Read on for more photos from the Market.
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The Office Holiday Party

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

Today is ordinarily the day when I tell you about some comedic happening in DC, why you should go see it, and when some malcontent starts snarking in the comments about whether or not the comedian in question is funny.  But not today.  Why?

It’s December, and the back and upstairs rooms of bars and restaurants that house the semi-pro comedy scene in DC are largely booked up for that most dangerous of winter distractions: The Office Holiday Party.

The Office Holiday Party is a sneaky beast, with the volatile mixture of alcohol and coworkers, holiday spirit and people you would not otherwise choose to socialize with. For couples, there’s often double the holiday party peril, with the added landmine of introducing a spouse or partner to that geechy dude in Accounting. I’ve got some advice for you on how to get through the most common hazards of the season with your dignity- and your paycheck- intact.
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Extended Weekend: What to Do?

Photo courtesy of F1RSTBORN
Jive Turkey, courtesy of F1RSTBORN

In town for the holidays and not a cook? Looking for some dining options other than wrestling with a big ol’ Butterball and your mom yammering in your ear? Hosting relatives and looking for things to get them out of the house? Or are you an international visitor and don’t celebrate with us Yanks?

We’ve got you covered.

Behold, a quick-and-dirty WeLoveDC look at dining and fun options for the upcoming four-day weekend.

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