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West Elm Arrives in Georgetown

West Elm has come back. Both in that they are back in the city, opening their first new store in the District since closing an underperforming Metro Center location in 2009, but also in terms of really reinvigorating the design and style of the homewares chain.

The Williams-Sonoma Inc subsidiary debuted in 2002 to considerable excitement. They were positioned as a bridge” brand for those who wanted something more upscale than IKEA, but not as expensive or “mature” as their sister store Pottery Barn. Everything came in the then-essential espresso wood finishes and blocky shapes which would go on to define so many apartments across the country.

However, at some point a few years ago – around the time they opened the Tysons Corner retail location – it seemed like the brand had lost a bit of its way. Designs had leaned hard to the faux-ethnic and zebra-print and too many core pieces from shuttered Williams-Sonoma brand Hold Everything were awkwardly folded in to the West Elm range.
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CB2 Georgetown Opens Tomorrow

The newest location of “affordable modern” furniture and homegoods chain CB2 opens in Georgetown on Saturday, April 30th. This is the ninth location for the Crate & Barrel offshoot and the first in the Washington area.

Catering primarily to a younger demographic with a bright, modern style, CB2 keeps prices considerably lower than its sister chain and makes a point to scale furniture for more compact, apartment-sized living spaces.
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You Could Be On HGTV!

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HGTV‘s “My First Sale” is casting in the DC-area!

The show runs in prime time on national TV and is looking for “motivated, first time sellers who are excited about sharing their story on television”.  Candidates must be “financially candid” and willing to share with America all the stress (and joy) that goes into selling residential real estate during a depressed economy.

And if getting your 15-minutes of fame isn’t prize enough, compensation for airing all of your dirty laundry on national TV is a DVD copy of the episode.

If you are interested – please, please apply!  I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening than watching you try and sell and your place.  No seriously, I really can’t.

For more information, or for an application, contact Sami Hartman at shartman{at}

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Spring Dream

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After spending so much time indoors this winter, you might be contemplating a home or apartment makeover.  But WAIT!  Why attempt this alone when you can get some professional expertise at a promotional rate?  Save your walls from unnecessary holes and register by February 8th for ASID Washington Metro’s Spring Spruce Up 2010.

Fill out the about your home questionnaire and within three weeks you could be on your way to domestic heaven.  Applications will be accepted until all available slots are filled so there is no more time to waste.  Your home will be forever grateful.

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Bright Ideas for Lower Bills

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If you want to lower your electric bill, try some simple changes to make your place more energy efficient. This really does work; the changes I made dropped my usage by 18%.

On Saturday from 10 to 2, you can find out how at a Green Your Home Expo on UDC’s outdoor plaza. There, you can learn about various ways to save energy in your own home. They’ll also have live jazz, bicycle eco-tours and farmers market goodies.

And since buildings account for nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the US, while you’re lowering your own bill, you’ll also be doing good for the planet.

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Green Houses

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Get out your hankies. The “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” TV crews are here, and they’re painting the town…green?

That’s right. They’re rebuilding the nonprofit Fishing School in DC and the Hyattsville home of Nikema and Tamara Tripp, both with energy-efficient features. The masterpieces will be unveiled on Saturday, to tears of joy.

This isn’t the only extreme green makeover in town. Carbonfree DC soon will be doing the same for 20 homes in Deanwood and Shaw.

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Why I Love DC: John

Let me be honest. I never meant to come to DC, let alone stay here.

I came here in the fall of 1995 as a college freshman. I had hoped to get into UVA’s architecture school, but I got into Catholic U’s program instead. I spent the last five years of the millennium in Northeast DC, rarely venturing outside of the typical college student haunts. Making the typical student mistakes; getting off at the GMU stop on the orange line when trying to go to a concert at the Patriot Center. Driving to the Southeast end of Pennsylvania Avenue at 11 at night because of shoddy directions. Going to Rumors. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Why I Love DC: Wayan

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After five hours crammed into this seat on a red-eye from San Francisco, I can tell by the shift in the plane, that we’ve started our decent into IAD. Its another bi-coastal BBQ week for me, and I can’t wait to be home.

Home, where the South Asian driver of the Washington Flyer taxi and I will have a long talk about Pakistani politics as we glide past iconic symbols of our nation and then drop into the green valley of Rock Creek park.

Home, where my block party neighbours will be just waking, about to take their morning walks around the neighbourhood, where I shall soon join them with my personal Taxi in tow.

Home, where my half-million dollar mortgage shelters my still-sleeping wife, who let’s me travel even with a Ziggy on the way.

Home, where after a decade I feel I have found my place, my life, a whole community of good friends and great times that make me love this great city.

Home, I love Washington DC because its my home.