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Homeless Shelter to Be Warmer Now

Making it better - photo courtesy of Green DMV

Making it better - photo courtesy of Green DMV

Yesterday, about 20 people gathered downtown to make a homeless shelter cozier — good news for those who will spend Snowpocalypse II there.

Participants weatherized the doors at Gospel Rescue Ministries to block drafts and keep the inside warmer, which will save the shelter precious money on heating, too. They also brightened rooms with a new coat of paint.

Members of the first graduating class of Green DMV’s Greater Washington Green Jobs Corps led the project, guiding volunteers from DC and federal agencies and the Latin American Youth Center. The corps is DC’s only program that trains people from disadvantaged backgrounds to join the green economy.

In addition to snugging up the shelter, this project introduced shelter residents to the possibilities of entry-level green jobs.

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Shelter Hotline for Inclement Weather

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘Daquella manera’

In the impeding frigid weather and possible snow, should you see someone on the street and think they’re in need of shelter, you can call the DC Department of Human Services Shelter Hotline Number at 1-800 535 7252.

They can provide transportation to a shelter and also provide blankets and clothing to homeless person who choose not go to shelters. It’s a fantastic public service and one that should be called if you have any worry, however slight, about the health and safety of someone on the street.