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Crowdmapping Irene

Hurricane Irene radar profile at 5pm Saturday

As we get into the stronger part of the storm, news gets more and more important about what’s closed and what’s not, what’s been damaged and what’s fine, and the state of things. We’re working with some friends who are using crowd sourcing reports to build maps of the DC area outages.

If you want to make a report, you can tweet it with #dcirene2011 or emailing, or by submitting a form with the report.  They’re also using Ushahidi in the App Store and Android Market to work with your mobile phone, as well as the crowd map.

While Metro’s doing better than expected, there are still quite a lot of power outages in the area. Let us know how you’re faring!  We’ve got a few more instructions for mobile participation below the cut.

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