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Arenas in Drawn Gun Incident with Teammate on Christmas Eve

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‘Introducing Gilbert Arenas’
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I know, it’s New Years Day, the start of a brand new decade. It’s about fresh starts, and optimism. That is, unless you’re a Wizards fan. And then you wonder how this happens. Gilbert Arenas was reportedly in a dispute with drawn firearms with teammate Javaris Crittenton in the Wizards Lockerroom. On Christmas Eve. Over a Gambling Debt.

Fellas, be glad that Abe Pollin didn’t live to see this. Because this would’ve killed him from sheer embarrassment.

In addition, federal authorities and MPD are investigating the incident. I’m not sure why the feds are involved, as this would likely be an MPD investigation, but if the reports are corroborated, Arenas and Crittenton could face felony firearms charges.

The best comment so far is from abias, a commenter at DC Sports Bog: “Judging by the way they’ve been shooting on the court, was anybody really in danger?”