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Eat Like Me: March’s Best Dishes

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This month got off to a bit of a slow start food-wise. I had a few lackluster meals and a few blah-worthy chain restaurant lunches that didn’t bode well for a month of culinary excellence. I ended strong though, with trips to Bar Pilar, Urbana and my new love of my (edible H St.) life, Ethiopic. If it wasn’t for a superb crab cake at J&G, the lamb tibs at Ethiopic would take the cake as my favorite dish of the month. I also ate at a lot of old favorites, but tried to branch out. Sometimes it worked (the rice bowls at Surfside), and sometimes I didn’t (why I ever stray from the T.U.B.S. sandwich at Ted’s I’ll never know). But as always, I ate well, and I ate plenty.

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J&G Patio Opens Today

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One of my favorite things about living in DC is the many outdoor patios to lounge about on, noshing and inbibing while being kissed by the sun. From upscale to dive, so many places have an outside spot to enjoy well into the evening.

Add to that list now the J&G Patio, located on Pennsylvania Avenue just outside the doors of the J&G Wine Bar (which is turn is below the J&G Steakhouse, all part of the W Hotel). I’ve been waiting for the patio since the hotel opened. I love how that stretch of tree-lined sidewalk opposite Pershing Park is starting to ramp up like Little Paris (ok, overkill metaphor, but I can dream, right?). With Cafe du Parc already next door it’s going to get both lively and lovely, and I’m curious to see how it will differ from the scene upstairs at POV.

The J&G Patio will serve a selection of plates from both the Wine Bar and the Steakhouse, and of course feature cocktails, wine and beer. There are 86 seats (no reservations), and starting today, it’s open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, and weekend brunch. Yes, I said it’s open today! so enjoy the evening sun (leave work early, I won’t tell anyone).

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We Love Drinks: W Wine Bar

Barscape, W Hotel Washington

"Barscape, W Hotel Washington" by Jenn Larsen on Flickr

It took me a while to return to the W Hotel after my first look back in July. Katie’s second look confirmed it was going to be a sleek and chic scene. But what about the drinks?

When I ask people what they think about drinks at the W, I tend to get the same response – “Love the view. Hate the line.” They’re referring to POV and its roof terrace, of course, both featuring a killer view of our fair city. POV is still going strong, even as the weather turns chilly. The hotel plans to keep the roof terrace open year-round, thanks to heat lamps and a new awning. So if you don’t have a reservation up top, most likely on peak nights you will end up waiting in a labyrinthine line snaking through the Living Room. That is, unless you just do the sensible thing – plan in advance and make a reservation.

But the most important thing to remember about a night of drinks at the W – it’s not just about POV. There’s a snug little bar tucked away beneath J&G Steakhouse that’s perfect for a rendezvous or two. Biggest surprise? Shssh – the drinks experience may actually be better. Continue reading