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Food Tweet of the Week: Khan’s

In the world of DC restaurants talking about opening for months before they actually do, Twitter has become a way keep potential patrons excited about the food that’s coming soon. At the same time, other establishments wait until almost opening day to start Tweeting incessantly.  Khan’s Bar & Grill, which didn’t open until late March, is somewhere in the middle.

 Using the handle @KhansDC, this Mongolian grill has tweeted since early March giving us all sorts of scoop.

The risky

One March 7th, Khan’s wrote “Forecasting an opening day of the 21st!!!!!” Surprisingly, they weren’t wrong.

The sarcasm

On the same day we were treated to “Is in total shock that the Health Inspector STILL ISN’T HERE!!! Guess they take their scheduling window training from Comcast.”

One word, bold.

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This Week in Food

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Two new places opened up on H Street this week, and they’re sure to be favorites for residents and other Washingtonians. For less than $9 you can get a full plate of stir-fry at Khan’s Bar and Grill. It’s not fancy, but it works, and well at that. Just on the next block is the ramen and dumpling house, Toki Underground.  Of course, expect late hours for both.

Medium Rare also opened up this week with its minimalist menu. Pay $19.50 and you’ll get a prix-fixe menu of rustic bread, a mixed greens salad and a Sirloin Steak with fries. The Cleveland Park restaurant comes to us from Mark Bucher of BGR The Burger Joint.


Best Bites has some great news for meat lovers out there. To be exact, “a large, USDA-certified commissary for processing locally raised meat that will be sold on-location, to venues in the parent Neighborhood Restaurant Group, and eventually to a string of Red Apron butcheries in Maryland, Virginia, and the District.” What that mouthful means is that you will soon be able to get pastrami short ribs, summer sausage, smoked jowl rillettes, wild-boar salami, and more at a brick and mortar.


Mike Isabella of the coming up Graffiato took second place in Top Chef, edged out by Richard Blais.  So yet again, a Washingtonian makes it so far and doesn’t grab the title. That’s okay. Congraulations!

This weekend

It’s time for ARTINI 2011. You can read our drinks roundup here, here, and here. This Saturday mixologists from 12 of the city’s top venues will serve up artistic martinis inspired by works from the Corcoran Collection. If you wanted to go, but don’t have a ticket, you’re out of luck because the event is sold out. But I still can’t wait to find out who wins!

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Khan’s Bar & Grill

Talk about opening with no fanfare – no press release bombardment, no email blasts, no announcement after announcement on Twitter, not even a Grand Opening sign. Yet when I went to Khan’s Bar & Grill on Monday for opening day, the place was packed. What’s not to like about a restaurant that has a flame as an apostrophe in its name?

Khan’s doesn’t look brand new from the outside or from the inside, yet that’s really what makes it feel like such an H Street establishment. Walk in and you immediately see the grill, past that is the food line, to the left is the register, and after that we have seats and then the bar. Confused? You might be, but the owner and staff will be there to guide you for sure. In fact, the owner seemed very concerned about the amount of honey mustard I insisted on putting on my food, until I told him I was a condiment fanatic. Continue reading