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New Years Eve’s Blue Moon

Photo courtesy of
‘The Moon on November 27, 2009’
courtesy of ’37Hz’

It appears we have a special treat in-store for us at the close of this decade. There will be a “blue moon” on New Years Eve — which hasn’t happened in the District for 19 years.

Despite popular belief, a blue moon has nothing to do with color. A blue moon is the second full moon in a given month — which when you think about it … really isn’t THAT special. But there’s nothing like looking up at a full moon on the eve of a new decade to get you dreaming about what the future might hold!

NASA Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern also told WTOP that there’s a chance for another celestial treat this New Years Eve due to a weather front. There’s a possibility for lunar rainbows because, “In a full moon,” he said, ““if there happens to be some source of water in the air […] lunar rainbows recorded.”

The next blue moon won’t fly in the sky until August 2012, so I suggest going light on the champagne during the early evening hours so you don’t miss out on this piece of celestial eye-candy.

What a Blue Moon REALLY Means, compliments of Tom Bridge.