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Snowball Fights, Cafés and Dog Parks

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‘Trigger Happy’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

This morning’s cover story on the Washington Post wasn’t Laurent Gbagbo’s struggles in Ivory Coast, or the month anniversary of the devastating tsunami in Japan, or even the recent spike in city-wide crime and homicides, it was a Marc Fisher feature on the demographic shift the city is undergoing and what that means for race relations in the city. The money quote, which Fisher later beats into a bloody pulp with the help of Marshall Brown (yes, Kwame Brown’s dad and political consultant), comes from Blair Ruble at the Comparative Urban Studies Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center:

“The census numbers create a symbolic moment, but the data overamplifies the change in the city,”

This morning, to look at Twitter is to look into the maw of the “myopic little twit” of Courtland Milloy. There’s a lot of people upset about Marshall Brown’s brutal words, which I’ll put below the cut. But is his frustration warranted? Or is he part of the problem?

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