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10 Years Later & People Are Still Talking About “The Blair Witch Project” — Really? Really!

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‘Blair Witch Project’
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The appeal behind The Blair Witch Project never made any sense to me. In fact, I’m jealous that someone thought of such a simple idea and made a decent profit off of it.

With that said, Burkittsville, MD officials announced today that the small western Maryland town will be replacing the four “Welcome to Burkittsville” signs stolen throughout the area over the past decade due to Blair Witch fans.

“You really can’t imagine how crazy it was during the whole Blair Witch saga,” Mayor Debby Burgoyne said.

The black on white “older-style”  signs will be replaced by blue ones with white letters and red stars, according to  Burgoyne.

Officials are saying that a local history society has obtained one of the old signs. The rest are set to be auctioned a later date.