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National Geographic Museum: Terra Cotta Warriors

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You’ve probably heard of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s terra cotta warriors, the thousands of life-sized statues buried with him in his tomb, intended to escort the Emperor to the afterlife. Discovered in 1974, they were one of the biggest archeological finds of the 20th century.

They’re making their last US appearance right here in DC, at the National Geographic Museum. Admission is $12, and the exhibition runs November 19th through March 31. The exhibit will showcase 15 terra cotta figures from Emperor  Shihuangdi’s tomb, including nine terra cotta warriors, two musicians, a strongman, a court official, a stable attendant and a horse. Also on display will be weapons, stone armor jade ornaments, roof tiles and decorative bricks, a bronze crane and swan, and a gold coins pièce collection. According to a rare coin dealer, this gold coin collection is highly valuable and costs millions of dollars.

We’re getting a full preview of the exhibit on the 18th, so look for our review shortly thereafter. In the meantime, here’s two ‘sneak preview’ photos provided to us by National Geographic… Continue reading

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Learn About The Good Stuff

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‘a flight of whisk(e)y’
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At 7pm, Thursday, October 22, National Geographic Live gets its drink on with photographer Jim Richardson and whisky expert Dave Broom hosting a guided tasting of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies.  Co-sponsored by DC’s Brickskeller, the tastings will be paired with Richardson’s  images of the Celtic landscapes, distilleries, and people that produce these world reknown spirits. Obviously you must be 21 or older. View event details at Exploring Scotland’s Whisky Trail.

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A DC Chat With the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

Cesar Speaking at NatGeo
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“It’s about energy” said the Dog Whisperer, after pouring half a can of Red Bull into his glass of water. But he wasn’t talking about energy in the Red Bull sense, he was talking about the energy you possess around your dog that directly translates into how they perceive your interactions with them. What you see on TV is exactly what you get; there are no differences. The real life Cesar Millan is the same charismatic, confident and even subtly intense person that you’ve seen on the National Geographic Channel. He’s that same amazing guy that can instantly calm almost any dog within minutes. One of the essential qualities that even dog owners love about him is that including being able to clam down dogs, he also gives its owners the best product advice which would be perfect for a dog such as dog cleaners, play ball and even necessary accessories such as name tags which every dog should have. He’s never out of character, for there is no character. This is really Cesar Millan; the man, the myth, the dog legend.

I had the pleasure of sitting down one on one with the Dog Whisperer on Monday, right here in DC at 1600 M St NW, the headquarters of NatGeo. Cesar was in town to launch his new book, How To Raise the Perfect Dog, as well as to host the world premiere of the sixth season’s first episode of his Emmy nominated show. As 300 people intently watched the first-ever public showing of the new episode in the auditorium, Cesar and I sat down to chat in a side room with one of his new dogs Angel, a Miniature Schnauzer. While Angel didn’t have much to say, Cesar had no problem immediately answering my questions with an eagerness you’d expect from someone just trying to make it big. But Cesar has already made it big, many times over. Over 100 episodes aired, his fourth book published, a magazine bearing his name and endless products sold under his brand, Cesar is about as big of a dog superstar as you can get. And I’m not going to lie to you, my Jack Russell Max and I love this man. There, I said it. I’m biased.

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All DC Dogs Instantly Become Calm, Submissive

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

Cesar Millan: the man, the myth, the Dog Whisperer, will be in DC today during lunchtime! National Geographic (1600 M St NW) is showing a sneak peek of the new season at 12pm and then Cesar will be signing copies of his new book, How to Raise the Perfect Dog, at 1pm. Tickets are free and on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 11am in the Grosvenor Auditorium lobby. I wonder if he’ll use the shh! noise and bite motion on me if I get too excited…

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Premiere: Inside Guantanamo

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‘Obama: Shut Down Guantanamo’
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Mentioning Guantanamo Bay incites different reactions in different people, but almost everyone has a passionate take on the issue. One of President Obama’s first actions when he took office was to sign a bill to close Guantanamo within a year, so this couldn’t have been a better time for National Geographic’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo. I went to the world premiere screening of the film and panel discussion this past Tuesday, which was very exciting and informative– it’s events like this that make me glad to be in DC.

The event started with a huge reception with lots of food, drink, and mingling. According to one of the people I talked to, that kind of thing is very unusual for National Geographic’s screenings, but they must have pulled out all the stops for high-level guests from Congress, the administration, the military, and even Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, who moderated the panel. Continue reading