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See Opera Differently This Fall

September’s not just the start of pumpkin season, festival season, or football season – it’s the start of opera and musical season, too!

Get your classical groove on with these affordable and out of the ordinary events:

Opera in the Outfield

On September 29, Nationals Park opens up for another night of free opera (FREE opera! Did you hear that? That’s like finding a unicorn). This year the show of choice is Mozart’s classic Don Giovanni as performed by Washington National Opera.

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Top Chef DC Takes Show To Nationals Stadium

Photo courtesy of
‘Nationals Park in HDR’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means- Top Chef DC!

Ya ya I know. The season hasn’t lived up to previous seasons and it probably rivals Real Housewives of DC when it comes to local watchability. However we can expect some DC flavor in tonight’s episode.

The elimination challenge takes place at Nationals Park where teams will run two concession stands and try and serve up fare that exceeds the Five Guys and Half Smokes you would expect on Gameday.

Nats players Adam Dunn, and John Lannan make appearances as well as former closer Matt Capps. Seafood chef Rick Moonen will appear as a guest judge as well.

What else can you expect? Well with Alex gone Ed will set his sights on another annoying contestant and Angelo will continue to baffle me with his eccentricity.

Expect a recap tomorrow complete with some insider views on the Nationals Park tasting.

Video after the jump!

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Steps to Nationals Stadium Disgrace

Nationals Stadium Stairs - Already Crumbling

Nationals Stadium Stairs - Already Crumbling

Look at the close-up of these stairs. Note the grip tape at the edge of the steps is already almost gone. And that the star itself has a large crack in it. These would be Nationals Stadium stairs. Wait, let me describe them better:

These are $611 million dollar stairs less than an year old. And they’re already falling apart.

Now you know why the Lerners are withholding payments from the city. I wouldn’t pay a builder if their work was this bad too. I would pay for better shoes though – that would be a whole other stadium attendee.