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No, Thank You. Rejected. Return to Sender.

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‘Cupcake Fail’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

So, I don’t do this very often, but I’m fugunna do it right now. I’m going to be a hater. I know, I know, this site is called We LOVE DC, but that’s the thing about We Love DC – we think DC dates the wrong person once in a while, and may or not have worn something that we thought was pretty much atrocious. This is one of those times.

DC, if you accept one more cupcake place into your streets, I will lose it. Seriously. Even if that cupcake place is one of Sex & The City fame, and lord knows how much I love SATC. And here’s the thing: like the next girl, I enjoy a well-timed cupcake. I like red velvet. I can get behind a moist lemon cake in a cup shape. I can. And I do. But really, I do not need one single more shop where I can buy said treat. NOT ONE. NOT EVEN ONE MORE. NO THANK YOU. We have more than I care to recall, and with the Crumbs opening (and the massive PR fail that came with it), I finally hit my limit. We are not where New York’s trends go to die.

So Magnolia Bakery, while we appreciate the fact that you are considering opening your overly-iced doors in DC, I must say: DO NOT WANT. REJECTED. You’re beating the dead cupcake horse, and I would like to please return to sender. Thank you, and good night.